Monday, May 7, 2012

What I've been Knitting: The Traditional Family Stocking

I hinted in this week's Love Letter to Spring that I would share a little knit gift I gave this weekend... and here it is! As I mentioned, we attended my soon-to-be-cousin-in-law's bridal shower on Saturday, and since she is just shy of officially being a new member of our family, she is now eligible to receive the family stocking! The stocking is a vintage pattern from the 50's (?) that my paternal grandmother worked with to knit a whopping 17 stockings! They are pretty awesome and if you put an orange in the bottom, the stocking will stretch, allowing for even more loot from Santa. And in keeping with tradition, they often find their way on to a small child's head! My mom has since taken on the task of knitting the stocking for her immediate family (grandchildren, son-in-law and daughter-in-law) and I've taken up the helm of knitting them for our extended family- cousins and their brood. I frantically knit one this past December for my Cousin's new baby. ANYWHO- here is the stocking! I knit it while on our trip to Maine back in March, during all of those quiet hotel nap times I spoke about. Proving to be the perfect knitting project for the occasion- fast and familiar.

Here is the stocking complete with Ashley's name, the Santa, and the two Christmas trees- taken with my cellphone after I blocked the stocking before sewing up the back seam.

All wrapped up with braided yarn bow and metallic tissue paper. (It's for a spring time shower after all, so I wanted to balance out the wintery present's color scheme!)

On Saturday, Ashley opening her stocking! 

Hooray! Welcome to the fold Ashley!!


bridget anne said...

seriously?! you're too cool. wish i was talented in that way. xo.

abigail said...

awe, thanks Bridget! I have youtube how-to-knitting videos to thank for teaching me 4 years ago. You can do it!! Just find a good yarn store with someone that is willing to help you out of a jam, then watch the videos and you are all set! ; )


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