Friday, December 24, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas Tradition

We have this funny tradition in my family, one that evolved over the years as all traditions do- to wear our Christmas stockings on our heads. Yup, nothing too inventive or  intelligent for that matter, just something that was done to us as babies and then continued through toddler-dom with years of posed pictures in front of the fireplace with our sheepish, dare I say smacked-ass grins on our faces as our stockings cut off the circulation around our heads.  SO this year, being Cordelia's first Christmas the tradition must go on! And here she is with her Father's knit stocking on her head! She looks thrilled.  My Paternal grandmother Ruth knit all of our stockings and my mother has dutifully carried on the tradition. (Don't worry Grandma Pinnie- We can wait until next year for her stocking!) PS: click on pics to view them larger!


(And a big Thanks to Aunt Barbie for the cute Gingerbread onsie!)

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