Thursday, December 23, 2010

Links and Such

Oh SNAP you better watch out, Santa knows EVERYTHING!

Christmas Ornament Tree mobile- a how to

Top 50 list of 2010, from NPR

Time lapse video of the Lunar eclipse.

These days

This is wild: did they find Amelia Earhart?

Check out this jewelry shop on etsy.

I heart this bunting necklace

Wooden Animal boxes

Cool Ceramic Candles

An additional 25% off at Anthro right now! I like THIS. I have a birthday coming up ; )

Totally NUTS "speediflying" video IE skiing with a parachute

dots and lines are just fine: fabric and pattern blog

Cordelia's birthstone month- a pink tourmaline, (cute selection and website!) but a scorpio- is a blue topaz...? and then a google search says October is an opal? I'm confused

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