Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Treeeeeeee

As some of you may remember last year- we bought this tiny Lemon Cypress from Whole Foods for our Christmas tree. It was about $20 and we figured as long as we repot it every summer we could have a "green" solution to cutting down a christmas tree each year. THEN one day when we have our own place we will plant the tree and look out at it and say- that was our Christmas tree for X amount of years! (Feel free to click on images to view them larger)

The tricky thing is the branches on our tree are very thin thus we needed to make light weight ornaments. So we used my mother's chewing gum chain, made a popcorn garland, hung some cinnamon sticks with red ribbon, made some God's eyes and then dried some fruit for ornaments and a fun Swag.

For a star, and to keep the two garlands in place, at the top I tied a yellow bow of ribbon. I like how the tree looks like a Raven decorated it, while speaking back to some old school decorating techniques.

To cover the pot- I though about sewing a tree skirt, or even knitting one... but with all the custom knitting I have to do for Urban Knitfits and taking care of our new baby- I decided I needed more of a time saver. So I dug into my ribbon box and found the widest ribbon I had. Turns out it was yellow and pink- which is actually a fun color alternative to green and red. I wound it around the base and poof within 5 minutes the flower pot was covered and I could go to bed! Score!

I still have a few more light weight ornaments I want to make. So stay tuned to the blog for future how tos! IN the meantime you can check out this Green Ornaments post I wrote 2 years ago.

What are your favorite handmade ornaments? 

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