Monday, August 30, 2010

Movie Reviews... add these to your queue

It's knitting season again and thus I've been watching more movies on my Netflix instant queue, so I thought I would share some of my favs.

I Like Killing Flies: A documentary about a family's restaurant in NYC with the entertaining and talented cook, owner and patriarch of the family- Kenny Shopsin. He offers some great one liners, and philosophy while cooking up the craziest tastiest sounding fare- mac and cheese pancakes anyone?

Sweetgrass: A documentary about a group of Montana Sheep herders. Educational and raw at times with beautiful scenic views and the reality of such a taxing job.

The Cool School: A documentary about LA's budding art community in the 1950's and how it grew to rival the NYC art scene.

Objectified: Another documentary, this time about the importance and significance of the design of every day objects and how they influence us- and ultimately the designer's role in making more sustainable eco friendly designs.

I.O.U.S.A: A documentary made in 2008 about the national debt that the United States of America has been racking up over the years... a bit dismal but very enlightening.

anyway, looks like I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately! But sometimes you hit a trend and have to go with it. At the beginning of the summer I watched way too many Holocaust movies, then a ton of British Period piece- movies and now documentaries! I'll let you know what I stumble upon next!

My Weekend @ Picnic Craft Fair in Portland Maine

As I mentioned on my blog- I participated in this year's Picnic Music and Arts Festival in Portland, Maine! Picnic is always so much fun and this year did not disappoint! I met up with vendors from past events and put faces to fun Maine folk I follow on twitter  like @PedalWench and @eliphantstore while ALSO making new friends! I was optimistic about my success at the fair  and realistic about pushing Knit goods in August especially on such a nice warm day, but some forward thinking customers were right along with me and I had a productive day! 

This week in my Etsy Shop UrbanKnitfits I am going to list some fun hats for fall in Jewel tones and have a little sale. Plus I have more announcements for UrbanKnitfits that I will reveal later in the week so stay tuned!

As far as purchasing something at Picnic, I was really good this year (as I tend to be at most fairs...) and I bought this little Onsie by Pinecone+Chickadee! It's a cute little gender neutral design and color scheme and I bought the 6-12 month size.  This is THEE first thing we have bought for our baby! Seriously. I've been really good about not shopping for this little one! I think not knowing the gender helps, (not to mentioned becoming self employed this summer) plus we still have our baby shower coming up in September and we already have a hand-me-down car seat and stroller, so the bigger ticket items are all taken care of, thus this little onsie was a fun purchase.

Anywho, it was a great Saturday! Stay tuned for my sale announcement and more to come in my knit shop!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Picnic Craft Fair THIS Sat in Portland Maine!

I have a booth for my knit goods- Urban Knitfits this weekend at Picnic Music and Arts Festival!

If you are in the Portland Maine are on Sat, stop on by!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Registry Feature for Etsy, Please!

I made another treasury this week (they are so fun!).
This time with the theme- of an Etsy registry feature for the site!
Wouldn't that be so cool?
This treasury includes items one could register for a wedding, baby, or house warming!
Check it out here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

4x4 foot wood block & a dead bird

As a member of Portland Maine's Pickwick Independent Press, I am working on a 4x4 foot wood cut for our little shin dig in September.  For our "Block Party" the print shop has rented a steam roller and we will make an edition of 3 prints on canvas using the steam roller along one of our city streets! To Sponsor our event- where your $300 donation will award you a large print- check out this link. Above is my block after its first day. 

My print making experience includes, etchings, silk screens, and lithos but never wood blocks, although it's always been a huge interest of mine. So why not jump in and learn on a 4x4 ft block!? The image I am working from is one I took of an installation I completed during grad school "Scarecrow Bride". It's a detail shot of a dead bird cast in an illuminated ball of resin. See the original image below.  I will continue to share my "in progress photos" as well as the final edition, so stay tuned! To see and purchase my prints- visit my print shop on etsy Graydaysprintshop.

Josh Ritter- "The Curse" music video with puppets!

I've really enjoyed listening to Josh Ritter's new album "So Runs the World Away". As with his previous albums, Ritter includes songs that weave tales like old folk lore leading the listener down a path of imagination while visions of the characters and scenes play out in one's mind.  One of my new favorites from this album is "The Curse". Ritter sings of an eerie tale of a Mummy's rebirth through some mysterious curse where he essentially gains life from the woman who discovers him. I enjoyed listening to the song and envisioning my own cast of characters, and so it was fun to see Ritter's drummer- Liam Hurley's own interpretation through his talent of being a puppeteer.  You can watch the video here.

SIDE NOTE: We are going to see Ritter in Portland, Maine in October (2 weeks before my due date!) and I'm looking forward to seeing him once again! In the past I had the opportunity to see Ritter open for The Frames (the Swell Season) in philly, where he won me over with his energy, talent and big welcoming smile. Since then I've seen him solo without his band, and at the Met during a collaboration with a violinist, and a few times since. During the past four years I've become funny about concerts- I no longer like big crowds of people smashed together in a tight space, so I am pretty choosy when I venture out for a show but a Ritter concert is always a must... my point is- if you have the opportunity to see Josh Ritter in concert- GO. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Accessorize: Jewelry I heart on ETSY

I've been more into jewelry recently... a side affect of feeling confined to a few outfits during pregnancy! Some women feel that they can't leave the house without makeup, I substitute makeup for earrings... So I thought I would share some favorites from etsy to inspire your own jewelry collection.

Above: A new favorite Hearts on a String by Lost and Fawned.

Atlantis Earrings by Onelittlehouse

Blue Lotus Earrings by Gypsymoondesigns. 
(I bought these recently and luv them- light weight and affordable!)

Fiesta Earrings by Polishedtwo.

Mountain Ash, Tin and Brass necklace by Littleblackrabbit.
Her entire shop is phenomenal!

Grenadine Crochet necklace by LavenderField.

I bought a pair of earrings from her earlier in the year and luv them! 
I could wear everything in her shop!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Autumnal Nuptials, an ETSY treasury

Late Saturday night, I decided to make a fall wedding themed treasury on etsy. I had a lot of fun trying to think outside the box, while keeping the collection relatively traditional. I especially love the owl lamp, what a unique addition to a fall wedding decor! To see the entire treasury, click here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fabric Yard Sale Sat 10-3 In Freeport Maine!

Tomorrow/ Saturday I am participating in a Fabric yard sale from 10-3 at Cotton Weeds Quilt Shop, 541 Rt 1 in Freeport Maine! I will have my own booth and today I am busy measuring and pricing the loads of fabric I am selling from my sister and mom's fabric stash! (I will look like a fabric hoarder or a woman closing out her fabric shop! Should be comical.) I will also be selling buttons, ribbons and sewing odds and ends such as zippers etc. ALL for Cheap Cheap!
Hope to see you local MAINE folk there tomorrow!

My Nesting Reading List

I thought I would share a little "Nesting" Reading List the Husband and I have been working on this summer in prep for our fall baby! I hope they inspire your own reading list. The Continuum Concept is a goodie, the husband has been reading this one and I'm up to bat when he is finished. It sites anthropology and our primal way of raising children- for example co sleeping, carrying your baby, etc.

Our Babies Ourselves- is the book I am slowly working on (although my knitting has kept my hands preoccupied). This book is written with a similar perspective at the Continuum Concept- starting from an anthropological view of raising children, keeping them near- ie carrying them, co sleeping etc.

The Infamous Baby Book by Dr. Sears. A fun informational how to- to prep one for taking care of a  baby.

Love and Logic a great parenting how to guide.  A MUST READ! My mom just read it for the first time and passed it on to me. Again another book I am slowly cracking open, but I figure I have time since then suggest starting this practice when your child is 10 months old. The overall concept of this book is how to raise your child to be independent, confident and how through love and logic you give your child the right kind of choices that will ultimately allow you to avoid conflict and tantrums. There are more versions of this book for adapting this parenting technique as your child grows from infancy into adolescents.  EVERY parent should read this book, it would make parent watching at target and the grocery store less painful and scary! lol

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video: Giant Bubbles on a Beach

Check out this video of Giant Bubbles on a beach.

Larger formats ADDED to Graydayphotos!

As I wade through more and more slides to scan for my etsy shop (Graydayphotos) -Today I listed a few duplicate photos in larger formats such as 11x14, 12x18, and 16x20! All of my vintage photos can be printed in a variety of sizes, so if you don't see the size you prefer, convo me and I can set up a custom listing!

Mark Your Calendars! John Derian for Target Sept 5th

I'm so excited that John Derian is the most recent designer to have a line at Target! His collection arrives in stores on September 5th. But in case you can't wait that long, GILT GROUPE is having a preview sale on AUGUST 20th! Included in this sale is Mulberry handbags for Target and Tucker for Target. Not a member of Gilt? use my invite here and happy shopping!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wish list 4 the mommy to be, a resource guide

Since joining the world of pregnant ladies- I have gained a few insights- some of which are more appropriate than others, and so I will share the polite ones.

The biggest revelation- there should be a "mommy-to-be-registry" or gift basket.  In this basket- should be massage gift cards, some take out food coupons, and a few key items to make the little lady with the big belly feel relaxed and pampered!

Below are some fun suggestions for a "Mommy-to-be- gift basket" as well as a resource guide for those just embarking on this 9 month journey!

Tom's shoes!
I had two pairs I bought back in the diz-ay, but due to wearing them religiously I busted through both pairs and now they are no more... poor me. But it's really sad for the kid who gets a free pair of Toms shoes with each purchase! This Pair I really like for some reason- a neutral and good for fall, plus it's Vegan, gotta Love.

Weleda Pregnancy Oil. I use this stuff a lot, and unlike some other brands I've tried- this one smells great and doesn't leave you smelling like a greased up brownie pan! Seriously I have one that is "Coconut scented" and I literally smell like brownies, the dog wont leave me alone.

Not to be a total hippie- but I love these birkenstocks!  I bought them at a local outlet, and even though I never thought I would be rocking another pair after the 90's, I really like this style and I will admit, I've been wearing them none stop since April, which is probably why the Tom's shoes are on the wish list! I think these sandals are great- they are easy to slide on and off and are comfortable on those hot days when your feet can balloon into shrek feet!

For me it's all about the comfy yet pretty dresses! Although I haven't mastered them for myself yet... Here are a few I have found on good ol etsy that should be included in any mommy gift basket!
Screenprint tunic by NewExtrave

And Fisherman pants by kolonclothes, I'm bound to try a pair, especially since growing out of some maternity jeans from early on!

I hope this post has been inspiring for both the pregnant lady and the gift giver!

What were/ are your favorite things to pamper yourself with during this 9 month adventure?

Vintage photos in Etsy Treasuries

A family vacation kept me away from my blog this past week, but I'm back and with some fun news to share! My NEW vintage photo shop- Graydayphotos was featured in two new treasuries this weekend- coincidentally my Striped sailboat photo was in both treasuries!

And the second treasury- Undiscovered shops!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prego update: The 7 month bump & Nesting Projects

Here it is in all it's glory. Why am I wearing horizontal stripes!? don't know just like it!
The pregnancy has been moving along -now at 7 months and at the beginning of my third trimester, which is a great hurdle! This week the midwives felt the position of the baby at our last appointment- through some hard belly "massage" and taught us what feels like what... ie this is the baby's butt, etc.  My maternity sewing projects are coming along I have one shirt that I am working on and one dress on the back burner. I've been busy with my new Etsy shop- graydayphotos as well as knitting for an upcoming craft fair on August 28th- hence the delay on sharing my maternity sewing projects. But look below at other nesting projects that you might have missed!

Above a painted shelf project. I used Martha Stewart's new paint "Heavy Goose" and I really like the final result, nice and neutral. The shelf will house baby stuff next to the baby's blue dresser. 
Check out that DIY post HERE.

My Sofa redo project, check out the step by step HERE.
Next up- buying a large area rug for the living room- to replace the little throw rugs. This will make the room look bigger and will be easier to clean, as the throw rugs and my super suck dyson are not compatible! And the biggest reason of all- to have a nice cushy play area for the baby. 

Baby Loot.
My Mom came to visit back in July and she and I made some progress on the baby registry front. We bought some essentials in the process- like a few unisex zip up sleepers, side button undershirts, and some little cotton hats. I've been told this current baby loot will last us for 2-3 days before laundry has to be done! lol 

Well, that's it for now!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Vintage Containers Featured in this cool Etsy treasury!

My vintage containers are featured in this fun etsy treasury "School Days".
Love all the items, really takes yah back!
The containers are in the bottom right corner of this screen shot. 
See the listing for them here.

Lonny Mag: Aug/Sept Issue is HERE

Oh geeze the new issue of Lonny Mag is out!
How will I ever get anything done now!?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Vintage Photographs for your home, from graydayphotos

My vintage photo shop is finally LIVE! Check it out: graydayphotos.
At my shop you can purchase 8x10, 11x14, 12x18, and 16x20 images! I will continue to add images through out the weekend, so check back often, or follow me on twitter for immediate updates: graydayetsyshop.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tennis anyone!?

My knit Tennis wrist bands have been featured in this fun Tennis themed treasury on etsy. 
Check it out here!

See you in September- Etsy curated treasury by yours truly

Today I made an etsy treasury- "See you in September" a collection of items with a fun Autumnal/ back to school theme!
Check it out here!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Decorating Inspiration: Artists' Houses

About 5 years ago I received the book "Artists' Houses" from my parents for Christmas.
The book explores a variety of houses belonging to painters, poets, writers, etc. It's a remarkable look into how one's art is reflected in how they live and vise versa. The colors they paint with are often the colors they decorate with, if they are a minimalist their house is also minimal and so on. Thus I wanted to share some inspirational eye candy from this book for decorating and displaying your collections, etc.
(click on images to view them larger)


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