Thursday, June 30, 2011

Links and Such

Happy Thursday everyone!  We are heading to the shore for the fourth sometime today or tomorrow, should be some fun times. Here are this week's Links and Such- to inspire some summer adventures! Do you have any fun plans for the holiday?

Above: make homemade popsicles! Juice + Fresh cut fruit - into a popsicle mold + a stick! 

This too looks yummy- Tomato Crostini
cute handmade bag
KNIT stools
Long Beach shirt/ Tunic
Homemade sidewalk chalk paint
Reusable Grocery bag patterns
mint ice cubes!
peach cake
child's art = Jewelry
Fighting Roosters- cool vintage rug

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Handmade Shout Out: Plush Love Part 2!

- Just a quick little post today- Last week's Handmade Shout Out was all about some plush toys I love on etsy and this little kick I am on has bleed into this week's post! Whoops. But I just couldn't resist sharing some new-to-me favorites!

Above: Fynn and Her Rageddy, fine art doll. Love everything in this shop!

Bright Rabbit, in red and white another shop I love everything about!

back to multi-tasking work/ and the baby. Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Added to my Knitting to-do list!

My Cousin had her baby this past weekend!!!  and it's a girl, named after our grandmother Ella Ruth.  So sweet. Yippee a little girl for our daughter to play with! Too bad there is a big ocean between our play dates. But I'm so very excited for them- their daughter is nuts adorable, another chubby cherub as my aunt says!

With another girl in the mix, my knitting list is going to get really fun! I "pinned" these ruby red slipper socks the other day. Aren't they cute? My only concern is how well would they stay up? Maybe add a little elastic at the top? 

Also on my list- a little knit flower to adorn the pointy hat I made for their baby!

I'm excited.

Monday, June 27, 2011

So this has been happening...

Recently the little miss has been blowing these really cute raspberries. A lighter, faster version than her original... too cute!

and this has been happening too- getting up on her feet when attempting to crawl, er to stand!?

and two of my new favorite cell phone pics...


Hiking with Dad.

The little miss is officially 8 months old today!!!  Pretty crazy. Her big birthday will be here before you know it! Since she is napping I'm off to get some work done, but I thought I would post these little videos first.  Have a great start to your week!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lovely Lovelies: Insomnia helped me make this...

... treasury on ETSY.  up since 3am, gave up on going back to sleep... but I had a lot of fun making this treasury. I hope you enjoy!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


have a sizzlin weekend!

This week on Pinterest...

Hi all!  So, I'm pretty addicted to Pinterest as some of you may know!  I just love how I can gather things I love all in one place. It's a fun little dreamy community on there, one that is very inspiring to help you try new things.  Here are some new "pins" from this week!

Above: Wardrobe inspiration- tomboy + feminine (although my skirt would be a lot longer! ; )

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Geese go marching two by two... in Belgium

; )

Handmade Shout Out: Plush Love

I've been coming across some fantastic handmade plush lovelies on etsy of late and thought a little post was in order, perfect for this week's Handmade Shout Out!

Above: Rosie (with her friends) are handmade dolls by simplijessi. Love them all. She is currently having a sale, so check out her SHOP!

Whale Mobile (love everything in this shop!)

cute as can be- OWL

Just a few little lovelies, I'm tucking away for the baby's first birthday in the fall!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Paint by Number. A roundup on Etsy

Late the other night I was meandering around on Etsy and came across this darling little Paint by Number painting- Lobster Boats! It's so cute and reminds me of Maine. As an artist I have acquired a lot of art over the years- from fellow grad students through trading work and some through inheritance (completed by ancestors etc- it runs in the family!) and so Paint by Number paintings always seemed a little cheesy. But I find that I love them, sue me! There is something so sweet about them. I love their pastel palettes, vintage feel, and the concentration that went into them- the yearning to paint a good painting to hang on one's wall, to be proud of it.  SO I was inspired to do a little round up of some of my favorite paint by number pieces on etsy.  I once saw on a blog a whole wall of paint by numbers, it was rather impressive. But I do like the idea of just having a few as well.  My favorite is the above- Lobster Boats. (hint, hint!)

Which one is your favorite?

Poolside, purple beans, and pink hands- A First Father's Day

It's officially summer alright and I'm pretty excited about it... but in sneaks the fear that it will be over in a flash! So this week I want to write a summer to do list- full of fun summer-esque activities. I'll report on what I come up with! In the meantime, I thought a little recap of our fun weekend was in order. On Saturday, my brother and sister -in-law invited us over to their place to swim in their landlord's pool. It Was the baby's first time in a pool and besides us trying to put her into a floating pink coffin (her definition, not mine) she had a great time. Here she is above with her dad testing out this device and although she was not sold on it, I think she will warm up to it when she is a little older!

The baby and I poolside.

Hannah preparing our dog Millie (boston) and their dog Henry (Italian Greyhound) for a little swimming lesson!


My brother and the baby floating about.

Father's Day (a first for our little family) the baby wistfully pines after the dog.

The Husband and I work in the Garden!! It's insanely big now! He has quite a bounty of string beans and purple beans.

Our Purple beans. They cook up green, so funny! (not to mention tasty!)

Hanging out on the hammock.

Baby profiles are the best.

And our Father's Day card for Cameron. My mom helped me navigate the baby's paint covered hand. NOTE: babies have a tendency to clench their hands into a fist when goop is on them and then bring their hand to their mouth to eat it, so it takes two adults to make a card! We had a great first father's day- with croissants, clotted cream, raspberry jam, peach juice and tea in front of the Sunday Morning Show. Followed by work- during the baby's nap and then hanging out in the garden.

Looking forward to future Father's Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I won a Free Sea Bags, and here it is!

Occasionally Sea Bags hosts a little giveaway on their facebook page. Last Friday I happened to see their giveaway and entered. The question was- what charities do we support? My Answer, Make a wish. later that day I was flipping through facebook, I had completely forgotten about the giveaway, and saw my name mentioned as this week's winner!!! I was floored. First- I have NEVER won a giveaway and second- I love Sea Bags and pined after one the whole time we lived in Maine. PLUS this fabulous news came at the end of a rough week of new motherhood and I needed a pick-me-up and here it was!

Above: My Bag arrived Thursday! (so speedy) and here is the front of the Sea Bag- their white on white star bag! A perfect neutral that will allow me to get away with wearing the crap out of it ; )

The Back of the bag. The clear plastic shows off the rope handles. I love the little orange circle of fabric a funky rustic detail that let's you know it was made from a recycled sail! 

The bag is a large- which is perfect for my intended use for it- to be an outing bag to haul my shitz. It will carry some must haves for our daughter (teething toys, books, cardigan etc) while still looking like a cute bag for me- without screaming DIAPER BAG!!!  I once saw a Dad pushing his toddler in a stroller with a sea bag hanging on the back of the handles and I thought- what a great use for a Sea Bag! It looks so put together yet effortless.

Can you tell this giveaway really perked up my spirits!?  As some of you may know we left Maine in March so we could live closer to my family while my husband goes back to school... with summer approaching I've been experiencing some serious Maine withdrawal so even though this bag can not physically teleport me back to Portland, Maine, it sure helps bring that Maine magic into my day to day.

Shop Sea Bags Here and you can take a look back on our time in Maine HERE

*UPDATE: I took it to the pool this weekend and it HAULED a lot of stuff! AND I noticed the clear plastic on the outside has a little pocket at the top- great for my cellphone and keys! LOVE IT!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

BABY Knits for the Eco-wool Warrior

As some of you may know I used to sell my knitting on etsy, but put my shop on hold in order to knit more for myself and my family.  And here are the fruits of my knitting needles... er something like that! My dear Cousin and her Husband are expecting their first child any day now so my husband and I knit up a little trove of warm gear for their baby come winter.  These soon-to-be-parents are English and live in London, while their family, aka the future grandparents, live in Oxford and Oxfordshire. So I imagine this baby bundled up and making many happy trips between the city and the countryside.  Since they are waiting to find out the gender of the baby- I choose to knit the baby gear in a lovely neutral gray eco wool- sure to go with everything including London. ; )  

ABOVE: The package of knit goods before they were shipped to the U.K.  I wrote little notes about each piece on a paper luggage tag since I wouldn't be there in person to jabber away about them. ;) I also sent them a little Elephant teething toy from LittleSaplingToys- a favorite of our daughter's! 

The Blanket:  Two years ago I knit a huge wedding blanket for Amelia and Alex, so I felt it was only appropriate to knit one for their baby.  We have learned you can never have too many baby blankets- each one serves its unique purpose and will be well loved! 

I wrote up a little pattern using the "Blocks and Triangles" pattern from the Reversible Knitting book I have (it's awesome btw!) I gave it a garter border instead of the more typical seed stitch border, as I felt it would reference the garter stitch as seen between the rows of "Blocks".

My Daughter getting her hands on the dense and warm blanket.

The Triangle Side


The Block Side. The blanket is a bit on the small side- but I wanted something that could be easily packed for their journeys and will be thick and warm and really pack a punch for its size. Great for over a little lap while in a stroller, or car, or sitting on the sofa snuggled up with family!

Leg warmers and baby booties! These were my first pair of baby booties and they were fast and fun to knit, even if they turned out a little duck-footed! They are roomy enough to fit over a sock and the cuff is tight enough that they will stay on (so say the reviewers of the pattern, and they stayed put on my daughter's fat feet too). 

My Husband knit the baby leg warmers, as he did for our daughter this past winter. And I think they are just too cute! He varied the stripes, changing their height and making them slightly irregular. We made everything in the 6-9 month range so it would fit their baby come November-ish.

The Hat: I knit this hat for a friend of mine in Maine and loved it so much I decided to knit a second one- this time for my cousin's baby. Here is our daughter modeling the hat back in March! (Since I knew I wanted to knit them a blanket I started the other faster pieces ahead of time and worked on them when I could - IE: baby and work permitting.) Here is the pattern for the hat. I made the point on the hat a little longer and I really like the result!  If they have a girl I am going to knit them a small white wintery flower to attach to the side of the hat near the ear.

Here is the little Miss modeling the hat in May, pretty cute from the side! It has a long i-cord on either side of the hat that allows you to tie it underneath their chin- but I'm sure it will also serve as a chew toy! (so they might have to tie it behind the baby's head to avoid chewing/choking! )

When their baby is born and its gender is known, I plan on knitting it a little sweater to go with the set. I will knit it with cotton yarn to make it easier to wash and the color will be in keeping with it's gender without being baby pink or baby blue.

My Cousin and her Husband were really pleased with the presents and I'm so glad they like them. In their note they said their baby would be one well dressed "Eco-Wool Warrior" lol, made me laugh and hence the blog title!  Can't wait for their baby to arrive! They are going to be great, funny, and adoring parents! 


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