Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Paul and Stella

ah a father and his daughter, how cute are they!?

Dirty Details of Motherhood

Today I'm on snot detail. I have an intimate relationship with the phrase "her nose is running like a drippy faucet" but to be more accurate it's not dripping so much as spurting, bubbling in bursts of sludgy goo. And of course when I go to wipe it up she gets even more upset and then out comes more snot- requiring more cleaning. I am a walking cliche. I have snotty tissues in ALL possible pockets- cardigan, front and back pant's pockets, I have streaks of yogurt on my sweater and usually it looks like a banana sneezed on my sleeve (yes it is banana in this case and not snot). Here it is - "motherhood". And those are just the physical surface details, the signs that I take care of a budding toddler all day long.  There is also the noise factor that is not translating here (you're welcome!)...

I once read that taking care of a toddler is like wearing a helmet made of screams. WORD UP.  I will add to that and say, there is no better sound than the silence that follows the screams and crying... when all is calm, the baby is happy (and better yet- asleep!). When you look around and just melt, exhale, and decompress from the torrent of noise that was just inhabiting your head, your core, your being. Sounds dramatic but it's true. It's designed this way, it's suppose to be so upsetting and rattling so you actually help the baby instead of run away. During these moments you wish you could open a door, a window and let the NOISE out of the room- to have it dissipate like smoke from burnt toast... but it's a helmet after all and not as easy to get rid of. Are my ears bleeding? really, are you sure, because they should be bleeding!

The past couple of weeks the baby has been teething like crazy and has had a cold, our dog, Millie, has been having a bit of a hard time with the increased noise level around here. To be honest she's never really been the same since the "new dog" came to stay. This week we have found her cowering in the corner of the laundry room, practically hugging herself, rocking back and forth while muttering some mantra to comfort herself. And as much as I want to join her some days, I tried to be a bit more proactive to help comfort our "first child". I did a little googling and found some stupid ideas to help your dog adjust, and then others that gave me pause.

Por ejemplo: The idea to play a tape of a baby crying for your dog  to help them adjust to these sounds before the baby is born.  It's sort of cruel, like boot camp- breaking your dog down inch by inch so they can with stand the new noise level.  And then my mind pondered the idea of a parent boot camp... what would that look like (parents having babies thrown at them during an obstacle course?) and would it even work? There is nothing like the real thing- i.e. a real baby... and taking care of a newborn is a hellavuh lot different than a 13 month old.  At the beginning you are pretty much thrown into it- you have to adjust in record time to less sleep, etc but honestly for the most part a newborn sleeps A LOT, and then when they are awake they are more or less pleasant. They aren't unrolling the toilet paper, playing with the trash can, throwing food on the floor, you don't have to wrestle a newborn during diaper changes and to put on one single sock... Yes you have 13 months to build up the various layers of your parenthood callus so you can handle a toddler.  It's still not easy, but your bond is strong like bull, allowing you to manage and navigate the road blocks a little easier.

But if motherhood has taught me anything (besides love, patience, and gratitude, blah blah blah) it's that we should get back to the commune/ it takes a village- way of life. The days I have a "playdate" are often the best medicine for a fussy, teething baby. Their is often a change of scene and playing with another little one really helps their mental state, because let's face it they get bored of us too... so whose with me!? Who wants to buy a chunk of land, live in a yurt and raise our babies together in one big pile of banana sneezes? It could be Fuuuuu-uuun!?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


this video sort of reminds me of when we put the little miss in a swing this weekend... pretty similar, except our daughter giggled a bit more- get with the program DOGS! ; )

Monday, November 28, 2011

Proof of Walking (and Proof of Coaching)

I thought I would offer up a little video proof that our daughter is "walking". She is still crawling to get most places as it is faster and less risky, but when coached and encouraged she can be quite adventurous with her little feet.  She is pretty determined (wonder where she gets that from!?) and she roars and says uh-oh when she falls, lol. I took these two videos tonight with my cellphone in my parent's dimly lit house... I tweaked the exposure to make viewing them a little easier... (hopefully)! She was getting tired at the end of a long day and had been cruising around pretty good up until I thought to video tape... but here you have it, proof of walking at 13 months!

Above: is the short version

And here is the longer version, for those who are interested. It's cute to see how she understands "Stand Up!" She isn't walking full time, but I don't think that's too far away! So I guess right now I will enjoy this phase of crawling and walking before the inevitable phase of walking but mostly RUNNING!!!! 

Some Thanksgiving Pictures...

Here are some shots from Thanksgiving this year!

Above: a little family shot- very rare!

I made this little feather felt headband for the little miss to wear, it remained on her head for all of 3 seconds! lol, ah well next year!? Plus I made it big enough that she can wear it for a long time- elastic baby! (I'll do a little quick DIY tutorial with detail shots this week!)

The little miss and I. 
She's wearing a darling dress from her Alaska Grandparents, I knit the scarf, the tights are from her English cousins, and her tulip shoes are by See Kai Run. I'm wearing this awesome vintage dress from DearGolden, j crew cardigan, a funky woven vintage belt (can't see it!) and a funky necklace my sis got me from Anthropologie. (in case you were wondering!) 

The husband partaking in our Annual tradition of posing with the "participatory head gear" He was "road kill".

While I was crying for my lost homie.

After dinner, the little miss dancing at the player piano.

And later that night, carving up the bird into leftovers as Millie hopes for some scraps!

We had a great Thanksgiving and hope you did as well!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Links and Such

Hey All, hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate the U.S. holiday)! We did, although I'm quickly learning how different holidays are going to be from here on out with a kid. They are definitely more work... But it was a tasty dinner with about 24 people at my folk's house, and to celebrate the little miss decided to put her steps together and start walking a few days before! She's still working on balance, etc but for the last 4 days she's been really walking, not full time, there is still a lot of crawling in the mix but she's really on the move making large journeys on foot across her room.

Anywho, exciting stuff! I wanted to do a Links and Such this Thursday but life got crazy and it's still crazy even as I attempt to type this (the baby has discovered that my caps lock key lights up so that's a new challenge). So here are a few links from this week for your weekend. Above: Love this Make It Rain needle point, hilarious! Reminds me of Along Came Polly- "RainDance!"

animals in sweater vests 
as a new mom, I've enjoyed reading this comedic take on motherhood
Want this wooden puzzle
pretty outfit
ugly Renaissance babies 
make bath fizzies
hand painted pebble
love these earrings

15% off HarvestGoldJewelry's etsy shop! w/ code THANKYOU
even more handmade black friday and cyber monday deals

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Handmade Shout Out: Maine Made Leather Mocs

I stumbled upon these fabulous handmade Moccasins on etsy this week and I just had to share!

They are custom made in Maine by WassookeagMoccasins and the husband and I both want a pair. They are available in a variety of leathers from Buffalo to Bullhide and in a variety of colors. I just wish they had a sturdy sole and could be my everyday running around town shoes. But they will do just fine as my indoor slippers! ; )

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I've been knitting lately...

I realized the other day that this season I have knit quite a few things... and I wanted to share the completed knit goods that are finished and off the needles! I am still working on a little sweater tunic for the baby (but the gauge is off so it will fit her best next fall, so no rush to finish it at the moment!) I also have a list of Christmas presents I am slowly chipping away at. YUP, I'm knitting pretty consistently this fall. I love how quickly and easy some pieces have knit up - it's very rewarding to see something through! (forgive the pictures, my camera is on the fritz so most of them are cell phone shots!)

I knit this teeny bear as a little purse companion for the baby to play with when we are out and about... I'm planning to knit more of these little friends for the bear as stocking stuffers!

And I knit this little pixie hat for the baby (it needs some tweaking... might knit another version of this hat in a warmer yarn for late winter)

I knit this lion hat for the babe for Halloween, and I knit this gray hat for myself. (I made the gray hat longer than the pattern called for- in order to make it more slouchy. I love how it's an easy go to staple!)

I knit these little mitten ornaments for a blog giveaway last week. I'll be offering more knit giveaways starting Dec 1st!

I knit a simple pink cowl neck for myself in a super soft baby alpaca yarn! It knit up really quick, on size 9 needles I cast on 57 stitches and knit in seed stitch until I got my desired width. It's very warm and fun to wear out and around the house!

And last night I knit this tiny vintage inspired scarf for the little miss from a pretty purple cotton and WASHABLE yarn! It's a fun little accessory perfect for outside and an added layer for a drafty house come winter. We joke that it looks like a baby ascot, making her look like a little french dude. (just what she needs, more people thinking she's a boy!) I might also knit the bigger version of this scarf for myself... haven't decided on a color yet... in the meantime I'm back to my secret Christmas knitting! I'll be sure to share more knit goods and presents after Christmas.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Links and Such

ah those were the days... ; )

Happy Thursday! Here are this week's Links and Such. Sorry for being a little non existent this week, the baby has been under the weather, so you know how that goes! I still can't believe Thanksgiving is next week? I was reminiscing on Twitter about how this time last year I was still wearing maternity clothes at Thanksgiving (ah the joys of having a newborn) and so this year I really want to dress up. It's not enough progress that I am no longer in elastic pants... I want to actually wear jewelry, etc. anywho, just being a girl! Do you dress up for the Holidays? 

Have a great Thursday!

for the day I get an iPhone
Decorating inspiration: gray and white chair with a funky dresser
want this leather bracelet 
can't get enough shawl collar cardigans (ps mens sweaters are warmer, I swear)
DIY lampshade chandelier mobile
perfect for the cyclist: a detachable speaker for your smart phone
all about socks
check out this big metal sink!
make your own penguin 
super funky gold leaf rope bracelet 
DIY: yarn + wire = word sculptures (cute for Christmas decorating...)

and if you missed it:

the winner of my blog-iversary giveaway

and a Love Letter To Fall Thanksgiving theme 1 AND Part 2

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Chillin at our local Library

(ie: her bedroom, hence the pjs and lack of footwear)

The little miss is under the weather today, so I'm on duty with pockets full of tissues and arms full of hugs. She's still pretty happy and jovial, singing to herself and reading... she really only gets upset when I try to wipe her nose and face. So that's good. But I thought I would do a little check in since my intended blog posts probably won't happen today.

 And a little REMINDER to enter my giveaway, the winner will be picked and announced tomorrow!


Monday, November 14, 2011

A Love Letter To Fall: Thanksgiving Themed part 2

Hi folks, hope you had a great weekend! I DID!!! The Husbo watched the baby on Sunday and I finally got back in the studio! Hooray!  I'm working on opening my Etsy Studio Shop by The New Year at the latest, so stay tuned to the blog and twitter for future info on that! Here is this week's Love Letter to Fall- with another Thanksgiving theme! Hope it gets you in the spirit. Here is last week's Thanksgiving theme part 1, in case you missed it.

AND don't forget to enter my giveaway! The Winner will be picked on Wed!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Blog is 3- Celebrate With a Giveaway!

My Blog is 3 years old today, 11-11-11 baby! 

At first my blog was just a little spot where I wrote my own DIYs and recipes and later a place where I shared new knit goods for my etsy knitting shop... and then this past year more about being a new mom and weekly themes like A Love Letter to Summer And one to Fall, with Thursday's Links and Such and Wednesday's Handmade Shout Out (to name a few). My point is you should really follow my blog if you don't already ! ; ) 

And so to celebrate my blog's 3rd birthday I'm doing a giveaway for this little hand knit mitten ornament, made by yours truly with candy cane striped red and white yarn.

I look like Edward Needle Hands when knitting up these little guys on these tiny size 1 needles!

(a finished mitt- to help show the size)

last year's silver mittens- they look so sweet on your tree!

TO ENTER: All you have to do is start following my blog (on the left side of this page) and leave a comment introducing yourself! If you already follow my blog- simply leave a comment on this post letting me know if you have a Holiday crafting tradition you are excited about working on this year!?

The winner will be picked next Wednesday! Check back on this blog post and follow me on twitter to stay in the know.

(ps: I'll be doing more giveaways starting On Dec 1st and running to the 12th!)

UPDATE! Congrats to Mrs. Robinson for winning the giveaway!

Stay Tuned for More Giveaways starting on Dec 1st!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Links and Such

Happy Thursday and happy Links and Such! How's your week? Mine is alright- not bad, not fantastic, just a week in the life of- type deal. Things I'm excited about- my goal to have all of my christmas shopping done by Dec 1st, knitting projects that are finishing up, the prospect of having time to work on my art this weekend (while the husbo watches the babe).. and yeah, stuff like that! Let me know what's your favorite link!? (Above: the best parents in the world!)

Pretty wall calendars
enter this awesome giveaway at HoneyKennedy!
shop handmade- at Poppytalk market!
love this feather tray
Thanksgiving crafts- to keep the kid's table busy!
love these paper mobiles
adorable ornaments
what dogs want
beautiful root veggies + a recipe
I want this real bad
couple /the wife- gives birth to a set of black and white twins AGAIN
YUM- brie and apple tarts

Beirut's tiny desk concert

and if you missed it- WATCH this video!!

*** ALSO my blog turns 3 tomorrow!!! I'll be doing a little giveaway to celebrate, so tune in tomorrow to enter!***

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

we all turn into our mothers...

I was reminded of this clip yesterday while listening to my mom talk on the phone. I love how he captures such typical mom mannerisms, like shushing the kids while on the phone, and multitasking! Hilarious. Just remember, we all turn into our mothers! ; )

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What to knit: A beekeeper's quilt!

I am adding this quilt to my Knitting list!! 

As you can see from the third picture, the quilt is made from lots and lots of individually knit double sided little hexagons, knit from fingerling and dk weight yarn and then stuffed with poly- the perfect use for your scrap yarn. I'll admit when I first saw this quilt I thought it was beautiful but then the reality of the amount of work and time that goes into it soon sunk in and I temporarily shunned the idea. But then I looked at it form a larger vantage point and figured it would be a fun project to really stretch out over time, to work on when you had a free moment to knit up a little hexagon here and there... and then slowly your collection would grow until one day (years from now) you finally have enough to put it all together!

And as my husband pointed out- it could grow with your child- first as a crib blanket, then when the time comes you could add on another larger section for a twin bed, etc. Cute, huh!?  Even though it seems a little daunting, this could also be a fun project for a beginner knitter, don't you think?


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