Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If I were King of the Forest! : A hand knit Lion hat for Halloween

Our 1 yr old daughter loves to roar like a lion and a tiger. She roars when excited about something, and when prompted by asking her the annoying parental question, "Honey what does a Lion say!?". So it only felt natural that she should be a lion for Halloween. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a costume, plus I love making costumes and grew up with only handmade costumes for Halloween... so I knew I would knit her something.  

I bought some inexpensive bulky yarn at Michael's and knit her up a little Lion hat over the weekend!  Insane, I know since we also threw her a birthday party on Saturday! But the hat took hardly any time at all. I used size 15 needles which helped it to knit up very fast! However, I did not use a pattern... but that didn't seem to slow me down at all.  I decided to knit the hat in three big pieces and then I added two ears and a little mane to finish it off.

On Sunday she wore it to a local kid's Halloween concert and then she wore it to her cousin's school halloween parade on Monday and then again on monday night! It's really warm and she is sure to get more wear out of it over the winter! Here we are the Parade.

And here she is with her Dad on Sunday. This is a good shot of the side and back of the hat. It's knit in garter stitch. I knit the front piece first, then knit the back panel and attached it to the hat. Then I knit the ribbed neck piece, and attached it to the hat before finishing the ears, mane, and the i-cord, which was tied beneath her chin.  I'm thinking about writing up the pattern and perhaps making it available for anyone who is interested! (Let me know!)

(A little detail shot of the back of the hat.)

Monday night at my Brother's house for dinner. Here we are with my niece Sophie- the cheetah!

I hope you had a great Halloween!

P.S. homemade costumes run deep in our family!

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