Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wool necklaces for Chilly weather!

Just put up more wool jewelry in time for the Holidays! Check out our etsy shop for purchasing! and spread the word about our shop far and wide!

A queen Duvet project part 1

As I mentioned in a post at the beginning of October- I am inspired to make a duvet cover. In the past I made one for a Friend's twin size guest bed, and now, after receiving a queen duvet, I am attempting to make a cover for it- in time for our new england winter!

Above is the inspiration- a quilt from Anthropologie.

Here is the fabric. The blue floral on the far right- was leftover fabric from my sister's headboard. And since one can never pass up free fabric- this was my starting point for choosing the other fabric. I wanted to keep in mind that we have a black wooden headboard (that in the future I might repaint or make a slip cover for). Thus- I didn't want to stay with all dark colors, I needed something to balance out the black of the headboard and go with our orangy and yellow trimmed curtains.

SO- Joann was having a 30% off sale this week and I bought the yellow striped fabric and the blue fabric. Of course I have to pre wash them before I begin sewing to avoid any shrinking and seam separation. I have it easy with this project- since with the duvet I was also given a white duvet cover- so all I have to do is sew the fabric to the cover! I plan on doing some faux quilting techniques where I will sew lines up the dark blue but in a salmon color thread, and sew around the shapes of the other blue floral fabric- making it better attached to the existing cover!

I'll keep yah posted on how it progresses!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My first Fall in New England

The folks came to visit us in the middle of October. We spent the day in Kennebunkport.

Our view has already changed drastically, with more leaves turning and falling like snow- every day now...
A view from Kennebunkport. I have one Art fair coming up in November, two knitting fairs in Dec, and I am part of a group art show for December's first Friday! So I'm a busy knitting and creating bee! But I will continue to "blog" about 3 times a week... so check back often for more projects and goings on in Maine.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

wool jewelry on etsy

I have been working on some wool and beaded jewelry for our etsy shop urbanknitfits. and here is a little sampling.... I have one other necklace up on the shop and two more awaiting their debut!

Monday, October 19, 2009

blogs and stuff you should check out

Fashion blogs.... The cool hunter The facehunter The galmourai- most of these blogs have their own list of their blog favs that you can end up bouncing around between them all day long!

vintage clothing site: Brown bag vintage on etsy Maiden Rapture vintage-etsy shop

DIY sites: ps- I made this

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Hats on Etsy!

Added new hats to our Etsy shop yesterday! Check them out here and spread the word!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

scrimp, save and eat

The Husband and I have been attempting to keep better track of our finances (thanks to the mac program "numbers" we have spreadsheets that would make you blush!).

The only thing, besides rent, that we spend money on- is our groceries. There is a lot of advice out there on how to be a better shopper, and I found a great article that gives praticle advice while covering all the bases! Here's the link.

ON a lighter cooking note- I am making a mental effort at this point to cook more fall goodies! Whole Foods website has a fun assortment of treats and their pumpkin chocolate cake- pictured above, is on my list this week! And keeping my buget in mind, it helps that I have most of the ingredients to begin with.

Happy cooking and share your own fall favorites if you like!

The husband and I made these for Knit night on October 27th- and they were really good! The pumpkin ingredient makes the cake super moist! It reminded us of "Wacky cake" for those of you who are familiar! I bet it would have been banging with some home made icing, next time. PS- super easy to make!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gettin Organized

As some of my readers may know I have been slowly reorganizing our apartment. I did an entry on our Linen Closet and still have yet to wrap up my studio redo... I don't think you have to wait until "Spring" to do a big clean, anytime inspiration strikes is my motto. Especially since inspiration for these tasks can be fleeting- strike while the iron's HOT! Here are two organization inspiration to help us think outside of the box.

Above is a fun alternative to storing kids clothes, or shoes by an entryway, that let's you keep your space functional AND aesthetically pleasing! ByRed Editions.

Craftzine has a great Blog on how to organize your crafting area or studio space...

Happy organizing, let me know how it turns out!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A hat for Millie

I bought a hat for Millie from this cool Etsy shop I have had my eye on for over a year.... "Beantown handmade Pet Apparel". As you can tell she looks thrilled. Just as thrilled as my Husband was when he saw it. But I'm telling yah, come winter she'll be thanking me!

Halloween Pumpkin ideas!

Here are some pumpkin carving ideas- most from Martha Stewart's website-that offer fun carving inspirations. Take this long weekend to get some Halloween activities in! I recommend flipping through Martha's website, as she always offers Fantastic Halloween ideas!

Above is a great Lace idea, perfect for a Harvest dinner center piece!

Cool Spider carvings, again thanks to Martha.

Paint your jack-o-lanters Black for added light impact and spookiness!

Or add in some rubber rats to the mix!

Mental Floss has some fun pumpkin carving ideas! That feature funny faces that focus on teeth.
Enjoy and Happy Carving!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Found a blog...

Recently I have blogged about Lonnymagazine, the Dominio internet spin off, (and it's Awesome!) and while pursuing through its beautiful pages, I found this blog and wanted to share! It's called Vicky's yard sale! Check it out!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

projects...and upcoming posts!

(anthropologie Quilt- as inspiration for my own Duvet cover)

I'm working on a lot of projects at the moment, and I have quite a few on the back burner and more lining up in the back of my mind....

So here's what to expect from my blog in the next few months:

Studio: Now that it's all cleaned up (well as good as it's going to get!) It's time to paint and get back to my roots babay!

PILLOWS: I plan on making pillows and a whole line of "home decor" items that one could mix and match to decorate their room with- for my Grayday etsy shop.

Knit goods: More Knit goods for our other etsy shop- urbanknitfits.

Dress form Redo: I am in the middle of aging a modern dress form- to make it look vintage (there will be a how to post on that! I'm so excited, should be cool)
Duvet Cover: See above Anthro picture for inspiration- I am working on finding the right fabric for my duvet cover project. The idea is to have three pieces of different fabric that match but are different size prints, and then have a bold pop of color, or a constrating color, for the underneath of the duvet cover. (need to sell some stuff in order to buy fabric first so this might take a while!)
So stay tuned!

Man Shops Globe- tonight on Sundance

I mentioned this last week- The Show "Man Shops Globe" is airing tonight October 7th on The Sundance channel. We don't have cable or a tv, so you'll have to tell me how it is!

Here's the link to the website!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweaters for Fall

Cardigan from Anthropologie, sure to go with everything!

It's my belief that you can never have too many cardigans! And I love this one from J-Crew.

Love the stripes! 100% Cashmere sweater by Steveallen

Friday, October 2, 2009

Urbanknitfits Has Launched!

We launched our Etsy shop last night- Urbanknitfits! We are going to be updating all day and weekend and then through next week and eventually in response to demand. (we also have to get ready for two fairs this December, so we are trying to strike a balance!) Here is the Sailor striped hat

The "Arctic Cap"

The "Man of War- jellyfish" slouchy hat! And once again the link to our shop.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shopping with Anthropologie and A Dominio revival

Go Shopping With Anthropologie Starting October 7th on Sundance! Here's the link.

And good ol Dominio Magazine, that unfortunately folded, has a spin off project called "Lonnymag". It's set to Launch TODAY, and her it IS. IN addition, here's their facebook page. And here is an article about their Launch! Enjoy!

Happy October with a fall recipe!

As Promised- here is a fall recipe! And what a way to welcome in October with a warm meal. I made this Goat cheese and Mushroom Quiche with the help of my Husband (as always) for Knit night this past Tuesday. It was a hit, and I'm sure we'll make it again.

I got the recipe from
A great site full of fun ideas and easy to follow recipes! The link will take you to the exact recipe.
(Before the quiche went into the oven. No after picture because it wasn't around for very long!)

NOTE: We ended up cooking the Quiche for almost an hour as opposed to the 30-35 min suggestion. I'm not sure if it was our oven or the cookie sheet she suggests you place underneath the pie plate, but it seemed to take a long time! And we didn't want to serve raw egg! Oh and as it turns out the cookie sheet is necessary since the egg really bubbled over. The only suggestion I have is if you have one of those oven sheets that sits on the bottom to keep your oven clean- then and only then eliminate the cookie sheet!
Happy cooking and happy October!


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