Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October with a fall recipe!

As Promised- here is a fall recipe! And what a way to welcome in October with a warm meal. I made this Goat cheese and Mushroom Quiche with the help of my Husband (as always) for Knit night this past Tuesday. It was a hit, and I'm sure we'll make it again.

I got the recipe from
A great site full of fun ideas and easy to follow recipes! The link will take you to the exact recipe.
(Before the quiche went into the oven. No after picture because it wasn't around for very long!)

NOTE: We ended up cooking the Quiche for almost an hour as opposed to the 30-35 min suggestion. I'm not sure if it was our oven or the cookie sheet she suggests you place underneath the pie plate, but it seemed to take a long time! And we didn't want to serve raw egg! Oh and as it turns out the cookie sheet is necessary since the egg really bubbled over. The only suggestion I have is if you have one of those oven sheets that sits on the bottom to keep your oven clean- then and only then eliminate the cookie sheet!
Happy cooking and happy October!

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