Saturday, October 31, 2009

A queen Duvet project part 1

As I mentioned in a post at the beginning of October- I am inspired to make a duvet cover. In the past I made one for a Friend's twin size guest bed, and now, after receiving a queen duvet, I am attempting to make a cover for it- in time for our new england winter!

Above is the inspiration- a quilt from Anthropologie.

Here is the fabric. The blue floral on the far right- was leftover fabric from my sister's headboard. And since one can never pass up free fabric- this was my starting point for choosing the other fabric. I wanted to keep in mind that we have a black wooden headboard (that in the future I might repaint or make a slip cover for). Thus- I didn't want to stay with all dark colors, I needed something to balance out the black of the headboard and go with our orangy and yellow trimmed curtains.

SO- Joann was having a 30% off sale this week and I bought the yellow striped fabric and the blue fabric. Of course I have to pre wash them before I begin sewing to avoid any shrinking and seam separation. I have it easy with this project- since with the duvet I was also given a white duvet cover- so all I have to do is sew the fabric to the cover! I plan on doing some faux quilting techniques where I will sew lines up the dark blue but in a salmon color thread, and sew around the shapes of the other blue floral fabric- making it better attached to the existing cover!

I'll keep yah posted on how it progresses!

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