Thursday, December 20, 2012

Checking in from the last frontier: aka I found internet here in Alaska!

We are here in Alaska for Christmas, visiting with my husband's family. Yesterday I figured out the internet at the house where we are staying, so this morning I can finally check in with everyone! Whoo Hoo! Above: is a view of the house across the street at 9:30 am. awesome. no need to ever turn off the Christmas lights around here since day light is so fleeting.

Our trip up to the great north was interesting to say the least, I'm still recovering. ; ) Thankfully my in laws had enough miles to fly all of us first class! However, after a 1.5-2 hr weather delay in Philly, we finally took off on our 6.5 hr flight to Seattle at 8pm (toddler bedtime) where our 2 year old daughter, and first time flyer DID NOT SLEEP AT ALL. The adrenaline was too intense, there was too much to see, and as much as we begged and discussed sleep with her, she did not succumb until we were literally pulling into our gate in Seattle where the husband and I looked at each other in pissed off disbelief, lol. She was cute though. (we have taken a few long road trips to Maine with our daughter, where she always slept, but in the car we can get away with ignoring her as she fusses to sleep, and in the car there aren't all these strangers walking back and forth and babies crying, etc... so with this perspective in mind, I was able to cut her a little slack! But she better sleep on the way home!) 

We narrowly made our second flight, which was about a 3.5 hr flight from Seattle to Anchorage. And after a little snack, more bouncing around in her seat, more dvds, and all of the rest of our tricks, and finally spilling a glass of cold water all over herself- a pants change in mid flight through my tired tears, she FINALLY SLEPT. And would only wake when she fell off the seat, which was often, but luckily each wakeful moment got easier to put her back down. IE: pick her up and plunk her back on the seat!

My suspicion or hope was right though, and this crazy no sleep thing meant getting her on the new 4 hr time difference has been uneventful. Thank the lord! She has her fussy tired moments, but once she is down for nap or bedtime, she is out like she always is!!! yeah! I, however have been harder to adjust to the time difference for some reason...!?

So here are more pictures!

Snowy trees.

She's big into eating snow, and we have yet to really play in it since it's so cold (6 degrees F) and our days have been filled with Christmas themed errands, but maybe later in the week when it gets in the teens? lol

The view from my in laws kitchen at 11am. The sun is up but stays low in the sky before it makes its decent around 4-ish.

And our first Moose sighting yesterday at the end of the street.

The bear skin rug at my in laws, that my brother in law shot. As yah do. (this is the source of our bear skull)

The Christmas lights around here look more magical with the big heaps of frosting-like snow.

I hope to share more pictures through out the rest of our stay, and maybe even tackle a few blog posts I wanted to write earlier this week! Hope you are having a great seasonal/ Christmasy week! 

talk soon, abs

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Links and Such

Happy Thursday! I love this above quote... I feel like it's the perfect summary for my current parental perspective- savor these days, because they go by so fast... but mostly- on the flip side- be grateful that this shit day is behind you! ; ) And so without further ado, here are this weeks Links and Such!

Beautiful contemporary quilts!
DIY salt water taffy, perfect for holiday gift giving
chalkboard fridge tutorial
might have to knit this cowl neck
luv these earrings
kid's bath toys from the hardware store
10 holistic cold remedies
great site to purchase estate jewelry
white eyeliner done right

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Garlands are enroute to getting a little press...

I had a request this week by a stylist to use 4 of my garlands for a magazine photo shoot! Hopefully they make the cut and if and when they do I'll be sure to share the good news and final magazine spread images.

In other news, GrayDayStudio is now stocked with only READY TO SHIP merchandise and all orders must be placed by 12/16.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ordering Details for my Etsy shops!

Hi there! Just wanted to write a little reminder that TODAY is thee last day to place an order for a made -to-order or Custom Piece at both GrayDayStudio...

Come Tuesday both shops will only have READY TO SHIP items in stock (to avoid any confusion) and then both shops will be on Vacation mode starting on December 17th.

So hurry on over to my shops to place your orders in time for the Holidays!

A Love Letter to Winter

Hi all, Hope you had a great weekend!? We went to NYC for the day on Saturday! Our daughter hadn't been since she was a couple months old, so it was both exciting and nerve wreaking to watch her go running down the sidewalks (only on wider and less congested sidewalks). But it was really fun to spend the day with my sister, hit up the Zoo in Central park and have a few great meals! I'll attempt to share some pictures later today. In the meantime here is this week's Love Letter to Winter. Have a great start to your week!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Not Your Average Pom Pom Garlands, NEW at GrayDayStudio

Today I finally listed a few of many of my hand made pom-pom garlands. Made from a braid of yarn with a variety of funky pom pom's attached.

All of the garlands looks great strung with white christmas lights, like the Woodland Christmas garland.

And Marshmallow Snowflakes would look lovely hung up all year round!

Stay tuned as I hope to list the rest of the 5+ garlands by Sunday or Monday.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Christmas tree... 2012

I thought I would share a few ways we've been embracing the Christmas spirit around these parts. It's fun to start to really "do it up" with a toddler in the house. So first up is The Christmas Tree. In the past we have opted for a potted tree, its a nice space saver, gentle on the 'ol wallet at only $19 plus it's a bit more "green" than just cutting one down every year. I do miss the grander of a bigger tree and the option to actually hang larger ornaments... but since we won't be here for the entire Christmas holiday, it felt more practical to go with a potted version this year.

So here is our little potted tree complete with a grain sack tree skirt- from my sewing stash. We decorated it with tiny lights, a jingle bell garland, a tinsel garland, and tiny glass ornaments. It was the perfect little activity with our 2 year old- fairly unbreakable, and fast enough to hold her attention span.

We also have another Christmas Tree in our house, a felt version. I saw this idea for a felt Christmas tree on Pinterest, and then followed it up with a search to purchase one on etsy... after feeling like there are just some things I don't have time for. BUT I decided to suck it up and make one for our daughter as opposed to buying one. And ps it only cost me $7 and took maybe a maximum of 30 minutes! Here it is hanging in our hallway. She and I have made a few ornaments for it and she seems to really like it, but I think it might be a bigger hit next Christmas when she is three and gets the whole decorating a tree concept down a bit more.

Here is the felt tree as seen from our family room. We are also slowly working on hanging outdoor lights, which has proven a bit tricky since we have to locate appropriate outlets. I'll share more pictures soon.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wish List: for the home

Blame it on some hormonal nesting kick I'm on, or just wanting to polish off our place just a bit more... But there are a few things I am drooling over of late to finish off our little rental. Some of you may know that the husband and I have inherited 95% off our furniture. LITERALLY! I could count on one hand the pieces we have actually bought ourselves.  For this we are very grateful, the things we have inherited are very nice, well except perhaps for our sofa, which requires a few bricks to keep it afloat. I'm all about collecting furniture and artwork, its fun to acquire pieces over the years and through various outlets... but there is something nice about day dreaming after those future pieces that will somehow through their acquisition, on a perhaps shallow level, make me feel more adult. And so here's a little list of things I drool over for our home.

Above: It really comes down to the sofa... For some reason this is when I will feel like an adult, a more financially stable adult that is- when I can afford my own sofa, when shelling out this kind of cash will be a priority for a Sofa. I really like this sectional by Thrive Furniture. It's a departure from my usual furniture taste... but I really like the lines, the color- a perfect backdrop for a bright throw and pillows. Plus once the second little one comes along it would be nice to have a large enough sofa for our family to really pile onto. I envision myself taking up the chaise lounge portion! ; ) Which is another reason I really like this particular sofa- it's not your traditional sectional- it offers more seating without taking up so much visual room (with the help of the absence of the back along the one side). ps here's a MUCH less expensive similar sectional from ikea.

We have a lot of painted furniture, which can be fun and eclectic, but it's also nice to throw in a different texture, or shine. And this shape, although somewhat classic, would also introduce a nice modern element into our mix. I think I like the brushed metal of the gold one best...?

Also for our family room, the Cooper Chair by DwellStudio looks comfortable with a little wing chair reference. (But perhaps too matchy-matchy with the similar legs as the sectional...? Not sure what fabric to have it in either... but I like the idea of this chair, IE: looks comfortable yet still has a nice shape.)

Most of our lamps are pretty ornate- colorful and usually with a strong pattern, thus this Audrey Lamp would strike a nice balance and would be lovely in our bedroom (next to my side of the bed!).

This similar shape lamp in gray, would be a little softer for the bedroom, and less formal.

Speaking of our bedroom, I like this Harvey Chrome nightstand. Yet more of an attempt to inject a few modern/crisp pieces into our mix. Of course the parent in me cringes at the thought of a child falling off of the bed and hitting their face on a corner of this thing... uh, gives you the willies!

I also have bigger day dreams about having more furniture for our attached "sunroom" and for our basement... maybe a sofa bed for the basement!?

Until next time!


Monday, December 3, 2012

A Love Letter to Winter: Advent Calendars

Happy Love Letter to Winter everyone! The first in my seasonal series. I figured an advent calendar theme was timely! My mom gave us a little vintage-eque paper one for our daughter, which is perfect since we will be traveling during the last bit of the advent. Here are other advent ideas for one to consider. Happy adventing (?)!

and a fabric chain with little seasonal things to do...I love this idea because it's more about making memories than getting and actual thing everyday. (sorry I don't have a link!)

Happenings at GrayDayStudio

Hi All, thought I would check in before I head out the door to the post office this morning!
I've been busy this weekend with a plethora of orders at GrayDayStudio... thus not sure if my new Love Letter to Winter will go up today or tonight, or tomorrow!!!

On Saturday I had an order for 12 garlands on top of an order for 6 garlands from two other customers....

All 19 garlands were completed last night and wrapped up this morning! They are destined for Australia and Japan.

And just when I was thinking that I should really do more ready to ship merchandise- I sold my little hand painted linen moth pillow to another lady in Australia, I'm quite popular over there!?

Before all of these orders came in, I was slowly chipping away at my new ready to ship pom pom braided yarn garlands... My goal was to list them today, but with these big orders, and juggling a toddler they might not go up until Wednesday. But keep checking back here and on twitter to see when they are up!

PS! all custom orders must be in my December 10th!!

Have a great start to your week!


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