Monday, December 3, 2012

Happenings at GrayDayStudio

Hi All, thought I would check in before I head out the door to the post office this morning!
I've been busy this weekend with a plethora of orders at GrayDayStudio... thus not sure if my new Love Letter to Winter will go up today or tonight, or tomorrow!!!

On Saturday I had an order for 12 garlands on top of an order for 6 garlands from two other customers....

All 19 garlands were completed last night and wrapped up this morning! They are destined for Australia and Japan.

And just when I was thinking that I should really do more ready to ship merchandise- I sold my little hand painted linen moth pillow to another lady in Australia, I'm quite popular over there!?

Before all of these orders came in, I was slowly chipping away at my new ready to ship pom pom braided yarn garlands... My goal was to list them today, but with these big orders, and juggling a toddler they might not go up until Wednesday. But keep checking back here and on twitter to see when they are up!

PS! all custom orders must be in my December 10th!!

Have a great start to your week!

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