Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Christmas tree... 2012

I thought I would share a few ways we've been embracing the Christmas spirit around these parts. It's fun to start to really "do it up" with a toddler in the house. So first up is The Christmas Tree. In the past we have opted for a potted tree, its a nice space saver, gentle on the 'ol wallet at only $19 plus it's a bit more "green" than just cutting one down every year. I do miss the grander of a bigger tree and the option to actually hang larger ornaments... but since we won't be here for the entire Christmas holiday, it felt more practical to go with a potted version this year.

So here is our little potted tree complete with a grain sack tree skirt- from my sewing stash. We decorated it with tiny lights, a jingle bell garland, a tinsel garland, and tiny glass ornaments. It was the perfect little activity with our 2 year old- fairly unbreakable, and fast enough to hold her attention span.

We also have another Christmas Tree in our house, a felt version. I saw this idea for a felt Christmas tree on Pinterest, and then followed it up with a search to purchase one on etsy... after feeling like there are just some things I don't have time for. BUT I decided to suck it up and make one for our daughter as opposed to buying one. And ps it only cost me $7 and took maybe a maximum of 30 minutes! Here it is hanging in our hallway. She and I have made a few ornaments for it and she seems to really like it, but I think it might be a bigger hit next Christmas when she is three and gets the whole decorating a tree concept down a bit more.

Here is the felt tree as seen from our family room. We are also slowly working on hanging outdoor lights, which has proven a bit tricky since we have to locate appropriate outlets. I'll share more pictures soon.

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