Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DIY: Dyed Dinging Room Curtains

Well I finally dyed our dinging room curtains before Christmas, and I'm really glad I waited because I ended up abandoning my original indigo inspiration (as seen above). Don't get me wrong I still LOVE the ideas above, but after dining in the space for 6 months now I realized I wanted something more subtle and subdued. (to help promote calm children eating -wink) Plus I have a lot of blue in our living room and the runner in the dining room is an ikat busy little thing... so I didn't want to go overboard.

So after consulting the Rit Dye color chart online HERE, I opted for Rose smoke which combines petal pink and tan, and I gotta say I'm loving the results! It picks up the warmth in the brown walls and even the pink in the large painting to the right.

Here are the curtains the night following their dye day. I simply followed the dye instructions but let the curtains soak for extra time just to be sure. I used a pair of linen curtains from ikea see HERE. My original plain was to silkscreen a gold botanical print over top, but since time wasn't on my side before the holidays I opted to hang them as is. (since this picture was taken the curtains are now hung on curtains rings allowing them to pool just slightly on the floor, which is really nice!)

I love how the pink catches the sunlight, like a sunset on my window. We don't have a lot of pink in our house... it's not that I'm opposed to pink, I simply gravitate to blue and gray first. However, I LOVE our new curtains. They are so warm and inviting plus I love the texture of the linen. I've always felt that pink (along with red or any other warm color) works really great as an accent, pillows ottomans etc and now curtains! Perhaps by spring I will know what to print on them, but for now I'm enjoying them how they are.

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