Monday, January 5, 2015

GrayDayStudio Advent, a look back!

Hey All!

Well Happy New Year! Hope you had a great Holiday, that it was relaxing a perfect recharge to start 2015.  My Advent update here on the blog fell to the way side with the business of December, but here I am with a complete recap.

This was a really fun self-inflicted assignment. And it inspired me to start a new series called "GrayDayStudio Quotable Kid" where I illustrate some of our daughter's more quotable moments. I will share that new series here as well as on Facebook and Instagram- @GrayDayStudio.

I'm getting pumped for the new year! At this point in my career (Ie: the beginning) it can be a little daunting to stay optimistic when I'm hustling and trying to find the next nut that will lead me to the mother load of continuous projects.   But I'm pumped (she writes as she listens to Taylor Swift on her head phones, yeah I've scummed.)

So once again Happy NEW YEAR! go get em tiger!

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