Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Few Recent Commission Portraits, from the Holiday Season

This fall I started accepting more commission work, which has be incredibly rewarding and inspiring. I love to work new customers to give their special someone a unique gift of art. It was really fun to envision being a part of people's Christmases around the country.

To learn more about my commission portraits see my website HERE. And you can purchase your deposit to begin the portrait process- HERE.

ABOVE: this one was really special, quite the beautiful scene and relationship between child and cat. The customer also purchased a few prints of the original to give to the grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, which is a really great way to spread the love (and to offset the cost of a custom portrait).

Twin sister, watercolor 8x12

8x12" watercolor.

8x12" watercolor.

watercolor 11x14".

And this painting has a very sweet story. Pictured is a mother with her pregnant daughter. The unborn baby here commissioned this painting for her mother to honor their grandmother who passed away this past year. 

11x14" watercolor.

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