Sunday, August 23, 2009

DIY trash can makeover

I had this idea to make over my trash can and here is the progress I have made thus far. Above is the "before" picture of said can, a hand-me-down from my grandparents.  I spray painted it a warm ivory/white.

I bought these great lobster and crab prints off of etsy (see post on etsy favs for the print shop I mentioned! She's awesome and super helpful!)  I cut out the lobster with a small knife...

And adhered it to the can with some glue... it is still in progress. I am going to add some other lobster and crabs on the other side and a sealant finish over the top to protect the paper and make sure everything is in it's place!  Thought I would share some pictures at the front end of the project! Check back for the final result.

UPDATE: here are the after pictures! I put a crustacean on both sides!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Linen Closet

After living in our new apartment for nearly 3+ months, I am still finding ways and places to organize our limited space!

Here is our linen closet. It's a shame I hadn't taken a before picture... so words will have to substitute! First let me say this is our third and FINAL closet, and it's tiny and bizarre... thus it became a confused space with a little bit of the leftovers all crammed inside, but no longer.

1st I took out all of our guest items- extra towels, pillows and sheets- and stored them in the plastic rolling thing that resides under our bed. A HUGE improvement!

2nd -as a result of number 1 I had room to remove a third shelf allowing me to fit both of our laundry baskets in the bottom of the closet. Another HUGE improvement. Before our baskets mainly stayed in our bedroom- which was awkward since it's the first room you walk into when you enter our apartment! Thus we would have to whisk them into my little studio room whenever we had company annoying and unnecessary!

3rd I organized the shelves as best I could and added some dried lavender I bought at Sat's farmer's market on the door (I added the yellow ribbon). I will probably line the shelves with lightly scented drawer paper- down the road!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

the folks visit in August...

The Folks came to visit at the beginning of August, as I had mentioned in my review of Evangeline, and now here are the pictures from their trip!

We had a decadent Lobster dinner at the Eastern Promenade, complete with fresh Maine Lobsters (of course) local blue berries and creme brule. And cheeses, bread and of course cole slaw. I think this is sure to be a repeat!

Our picnic view!

The Lobstahs.
The Blueberries.
And following dinner a trip to Cape Elizabeth to see the Portland Headlight!

My parent's joke they will visit every 6 weeks, and hey that's fine by us!

what's been going on?

The weather has been so stinking hot this week in Maine- we are talking low to mid 90s!!- that we have been doing our best to cope sans air conditioning. Luckily our two fans have been holding up to their great task and today the heat has subsided and I am no longer covered in a layer of sweat!   Here is our ice tea we made yesterday on our back porch. Hibiscus Ginger- which really ended up looking like kool aid!  But it was refreshing!

The Heat has also helped along our rather dormant tomatoes.  Poor things they have been through a lot this summer- loads and loads of rain resulting in some mold and now extreme heat.... they have been tasty but not  the crop we had intended.... maybe next year.

Here is a sneak peak to a project  I have been working on- I will blog once it's complete.  

Besides trying to stay cool and sweat free, I have been consumed with a secret project for the last two weeks of my vacation!  Hence the lack of posts. I will post the entry with the project after I get back From England at the beginning of September! 

In the fall I hope to give a little more structure to my blog with three postings a week.

I have big plans for the fall- including painting, marketing myself for murals, for sewing and perhaps for some interior decorating things (in addition to my 8-5 job!)  but I think it can all be done! So stay tuned!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Evangeline- The best meal thus far

My Parents came for another visit- this past weekend (pictures will be posted sometime this week). Their visits always mean- good fellowship, good food and a broader education of where we live- Portland, Maine.

Over the course of two seperate weekends, we have dined at many of the best restaurants Portland has to offer. But on Saturday night we ate at Evangeline off of Congress street right next to Longfellow square. It was by far thee best diner we have had! (we would argue even better than Fore street, Hugo's etc! Seriously good.)

I Learned that the success of a great meal relies on many factors. 1- ambiance: You felt like you were in France or New York. The atmosphere was cozy and relaxed void of the hype of other establishments. 2- The food: Rich French classics that were fabulous, each course was a beautiful little treat. And no one was dissapointed!

I recommend Evangeline for those special occasions or for your next visit to Portland!

Tip: if you like Duck- call 24hrs ahead and order the pressed Duck! Although we were not wise to this option- we witnessed it and agreed we would order that on our next visit.


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