Monday, August 10, 2009

Evangeline- The best meal thus far

My Parents came for another visit- this past weekend (pictures will be posted sometime this week). Their visits always mean- good fellowship, good food and a broader education of where we live- Portland, Maine.

Over the course of two seperate weekends, we have dined at many of the best restaurants Portland has to offer. But on Saturday night we ate at Evangeline off of Congress street right next to Longfellow square. It was by far thee best diner we have had! (we would argue even better than Fore street, Hugo's etc! Seriously good.)

I Learned that the success of a great meal relies on many factors. 1- ambiance: You felt like you were in France or New York. The atmosphere was cozy and relaxed void of the hype of other establishments. 2- The food: Rich French classics that were fabulous, each course was a beautiful little treat. And no one was dissapointed!

I recommend Evangeline for those special occasions or for your next visit to Portland!

Tip: if you like Duck- call 24hrs ahead and order the pressed Duck! Although we were not wise to this option- we witnessed it and agreed we would order that on our next visit.

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