Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Linen Closet

After living in our new apartment for nearly 3+ months, I am still finding ways and places to organize our limited space!

Here is our linen closet. It's a shame I hadn't taken a before picture... so words will have to substitute! First let me say this is our third and FINAL closet, and it's tiny and bizarre... thus it became a confused space with a little bit of the leftovers all crammed inside, but no longer.

1st I took out all of our guest items- extra towels, pillows and sheets- and stored them in the plastic rolling thing that resides under our bed. A HUGE improvement!

2nd -as a result of number 1 I had room to remove a third shelf allowing me to fit both of our laundry baskets in the bottom of the closet. Another HUGE improvement. Before our baskets mainly stayed in our bedroom- which was awkward since it's the first room you walk into when you enter our apartment! Thus we would have to whisk them into my little studio room whenever we had company annoying and unnecessary!

3rd I organized the shelves as best I could and added some dried lavender I bought at Sat's farmer's market on the door (I added the yellow ribbon). I will probably line the shelves with lightly scented drawer paper- down the road!

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