Thursday, March 31, 2011

Decorating Inspiration: A Kick Arse Kid's Room

Now that I have a baby, I've been slowly bookmarking funky kid's bedroom ideas into a special folder. I'm SOOOOooooo excited to do something very fun and magical for our daughter and these links and images are incredibly inspiring!! I thought I would share a little grouping of what I have so far. I love them all, which one is your favorite?

Above: Indoor 2 story slide in NYC by TCA, that's one way to get the kids downstairs for breakfast! 

A Nautical room, complete with wood slate rope bridge and so much more! check it out HERE.

An indoor Tree house, from theslowlife. Love the colors, the rug and the fireplace!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

22 weeks old

The little miss is 22 weeks old.
Here she is taking her morning nap...

And here she is passed out at night on her play-mat. Such a little toddler moment...

This week offered many firsts. The first time she was in a stroller (we are crunchy baby carrying parents, and her grandmother- Pinnie, took her on a few walks in the stroller, she loves it and not surprisingly falls asleep in her mobile cocoon.) This week was the first time she heard Pinnie play the accordion! The look on the baby's face was priceless. The biggest news is that on Saturday we found her first tooth- bottom left and then the following day, upon more investigation, we found two more teeth, this time up top. Way to go little miss! We've also started to slowly introduce carrots and bananas. And she is getting better at understanding the concept of swallowing something other than breast milk.

This week she is smiling a lot more as well as more facial expressions. She's always been very expressive with her eyebrows, but now there are about 5 new expressions everyday. And they crack me up! She is also rolling over a lot more. Yesterday she rolled over in a flash to get closer to the dog, but her one arm still gets stuck underneath her, so Millie still has some time before the baby will be after her!

Above: the husbo is reading Momma Do you Love Me? to the little miss. It's such a cute book, given to us by her Grandmother in Alaska. My Alaskan husband helps me with the Native Alaskan pronunciation of some of the words! It's a darling book and a great gift!

Handmade Shout Out: Recent Etsy Favs

No real theme for this week's Handmade Shout Out- just a few new favorites!

Above: Waist Apron Flatware in Liquorice, by skinnylaminx (love their entire shop!)

(I know I included these in last week's LinksAndSuch... but I love them so I had to post them again!)

Bliss Cathedral Window pillow, by warmnfuzzies (cute in my daughter's bedroom)

Blue and Red Loopty Loops, earrings by PinAndPetal

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Green Living: Earth Hour and Other Green Links

Check out these pictures of Earth Hour this past week, like this one of Paris.

And here are some Green links I've been enjoying and wanted to share!

Energy Saving ideas for green cabins and houses
Communal housing in the suburbs- ie the burbs of Seattle

Monday, March 28, 2011

Shop Update

Before and After: Industrial Upgraded Jewelry Container

Before: a rusted blue

A little Project I completed that other weekend when the weather rocked out at 70 degrees! I blogged about my new, improved, and ORGANIZED Jewelry Display system this past summer. And after living with this funky hardware/industrial box for a bit, I decided to coat it with a fresh can of spray paint. Just to freshen it up and to cover up any flaking rust on the sides.

 After: a sleek metallic finish.

This is the spray paint I used- some leftovers I found kicking around in the paint section of my folk's basement.  At first I thought about using white, but soon realized that might stick out too much and look like a medicine cabinet... thus the metallic gray neutral was a fun solution.

Monday Inspiration: The Power of One Person

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. 
~Edward Everett Hale

Last night we caught a bit of 60 minutes where they talked about the Global Medical Relief Fund, a one woman charity founded and run by Staten Island resident, Elissa Montanti. Elissa started her charity in 1996, after hearing about a Bosnian boy who was badly injured after stepping on a land-mine. She was inspired to help and soon afterwards she found herself helping children injured in the Haiti earthquake, those injured in Iraq, Afghanistan and so on. She cuts through a lot of red tape and raises a great deal of money in order to fly the children to the States. She then finds doctors willing to volunteer their time to help these children with prosthetic limbs and other reconstructive surgery. 

It's really moving what one person can accomplish. Not only does she help to transform the lives of these children, but by doing so she aids in uplifting our country's global reputation.

Check out the 60 minutes article and video HERE.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What to Watch: Downton Abbey

I'm sure for many of you Downton Abbey is old news, but we've been enjoying it lately and thus I recommend adding it to your netflix queue! The scenery, time period, costumes and DRAMA -said in your best Broadway voice- make this series a well rounded feast.  Too bad we will have to wait another year for the second installment to hit state-side, but it will be well worth it! Above is a  little behind the scene look.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Project: The benefits of knitting

I accomplished one of my little goals this week (an ambition I've had since moving back to Delaware a month ago) to go to my local yarn store.  What's the big deal you say? Well I don't get out of the house very often and when I do these moments need to be good for the soul, a recharge if you will- a beautiful walk often does the trick and so does perusing yarn. To keep myself from buying yarn that will sit around unused for an undetermined amount of time, I have a little notebook where I document future knitting projects. These projects are modest and somewhat realistic ; ) so now when I see some lovely yarn that I must have in my stash, I turn to my list to see if it would fulfill a project... anyway!

There are some awesome benefits of knitting- the sense of accomplishment, learning a new skill that continues to unfold even more opportunities to build upon your craft, etc, etc! My sister-in-law recently started a little knitting group at her school where volunteers help teach students how to knit. The Husband and I are going to volunteer our time today (if everything goes well with timing for the baby) and I'm really excited to help out!  About 3 years ago I re-taught myself how to knit by using youtube instructional videos and I continue to turn to youtube when something new and tricky crosses my path.  I learn by seeing so this is the next best thing to having a professional knitter close at hand!

If you want to learn how to knit I recommend checking out some basic youtube videos- like casting on and binding off.  The above video I found and got a kick out of- I especially love how fast the nuclear physicist knits! Some day I would love to knit that fast!

(blog update: apparently I've run out of space for pictures on my blog- hence a video for the last two days as I wait for my increased storage to activate.)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Links and Such

Here are this Thursday's Links and Such! Above: Drunk baby trashes bar, by filmmaker Johannes Nyholm has been going around the internet like crazy over the last month+ I apologize if it's old news for most of you... but I just get such a giggle out of it, I had to post it here. Makes me imagine the messy faces I have to look forward to with our little one. Plus the concept is pretty funny...

books carved to look like their authors
oversized posters, custom images available, too cool
dear people of the world- a fun letterpress card
Free bookmark download
baby leggings!
what's in a logo
A royal wedding commemorative fridge! eyeroll

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

21 weeks old

The little miss is 21 weeks old.

We've gone on some fun adventures in the last week- to the shore and on a lovely walk at Winterthur. The above video is from the other night when the husband and I were getting her into some pjs and a disposable diaper for her night time sleep-fest.  She gets really punchy before bed, as most babies do... but it's really fun for us since she is soooo quiet through out the day!

This week she is really grabbing things a lot more. Like my nose as I carry her down the stairs! my hair, face, and neck as I lean in to sneak a kiss on those big cheeks. And the dog's lip, ears, scruff of the neck- you name it, if she can get her hands on that pup she is over the moon. Yes we have gotten to that stage. Thankfully Millie puts up with it for a few seconds here and there, but has yet to see the full benefits of this increased infatuation. Yes her face lights up when the dog comes in the room and then she follows her around with her eyes. It's going to be fun to see how their relationship develops.

The other night when I was reading her Good Night Moon, I was sitting in the bed with her propped up on my legs and I had the book facing her. She grabbed hold of the book by each side and when I would turn the page she would start to chirp away even before I read (by heart) the next line. And then she would help me turn the next page, too funny. 

fat toe, attached to a fat foot ; )

Handmade Shout Out: Buds and flowers

Inspired by the first day of spring, I thought a bud and flower theme would be fun to explore for this week's Handmade Shout out! 

Above: Two Dandelions Necklace, by shlomitofir

Adiel Headband, by branchbound

Hydrangea the Delicate, photograph by Raceytay (she is having a BOGO sale!)

Hydrangea Cluster Necklace, by PatricklralJewelry

Tulip Brooch, by mamaslittlebabies

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green Living: Welcoming in Spring

For this week's Green Living Blog post, I thought I would offer up some fun spring inspired links to kick start the new season with visions of warmer weather and summer on the horizon!

(above: a picture I took at Winterthur this past Sunday of their March Bank)

6 ways to celebrate Spring
Spring Clean
Stainless steel water filter pitcher!
Norwegian foliage-green covered roofs 
Home Decor books for the recycled and repurposed home
Grow your own fence
Banana peels can purify water?
family plans eco friendly trip
9 Green Websites you should know about

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Gratitude

I've been thinking a lot about Gratitude this weekend... and concluded that I would muse about it for my Monday Inspiration blog post. Stories of hope coming out of the wake of Japan's earthquake and tsunami have been inspiring and heart warming, a little bit of light from a natural disaster I can't even begin to fathom....  My roommate and best friend in college dutifully wrote in a gratitude journal every night before bed ... and giving gratitude is such a lovely way to end one's day...  I've been thinking about using gratitude at beginnings rather than endings (this seems like an appropriate way to think about Japan as it seeks its own new beginnings) so I thought I would start the week by writing my own list- as a positive way to approach my Monday and my week.

As a new mom, gratitude has taken on a new meaning for me, more specifically- it's the little things. This is not to say previous moments of gratitude weren't sprinkled with the little things... after all it's the little gratitude nuggets that often help to jog my memory, inspiring me to think about the bigger items on my list. Imagine the little engine that could- the little seemingly insignificant gratitudes help start my engine... anywho... back to my point of being a new mom. There are moments when taking care of a fussy baby that can be tiring and frankly frustrating, when all you want to do is stop breast feeding for longer than a 2 hour stretch, to go out for the day alone- to sit somewhere read a book, knit, actually catch up with friends, etc. And it's easy during those moments to morn your day's to do list... and so I'm becoming more aware of being grateful for the little things. So not to be too cliche, here goes:

*grateful for*

+Inspiring images from my favorite blogs and this month's LonnyMag (as seen above) that I can tuck away in my dream home folder for 5+ yrs from now ; )
+ completing two knit gifts over the last two weeks (I will share once they are given and received). 
+ Getting my Etsy shop up and running after our move, and subsequently selling stuff!
+ Listing a few items every other day on my etsy shop...
+ Resisting the temptation to cut my hair during bad hair days, as I wait for it to grow out a bit more (told you it's the little things!)
+ clean laundry
+ a shower that doesn't include rinsing out cloth diapers
+ having my family around to hold and play with the baby
+ watching the little miss learn how to pull down on the purple elephant on her play mat
+ de-cluttering 
+ being able to carve out moments to write my blog...
+ when the baby stirs, but then falls back asleep- giving me 10 more minutes
+ these 10 more minutes 
+ cuddle time with my first kid- our dog
+ clean sheets
+ blueberry pancakes
+ planning our summer vegetable garden
+ completing a small weekend project (will share later today or tomorrow)
+ thinking back on our 2 years in Portland Maine with fondness 

... my 10 extra minutes are up!

what are you grateful for as you start your week?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A DIY Neckerchief to catch all that drool

I blogged the other week about teething and drool accessories in my weekly Handmade Shout Out post... since then my Mom had a great idea to use vintage handkerchiefs, or vintage scarves to catch all the drool around the Miss's neck. genius. Of course bandanas look and work great too, but the florals look awfully cute on little girls.

So this DIY is simple enough, just loosely tie a vintage scarf around your baby's neck (during wakeful times) and change it out for a drier one when need be. If the drool is really intense, perhaps try layering the scarves. And if you are feeling crafty and want to take to your sewing machine check out this DIY tutorial by Happy Bunny Day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekend Project... tbd

I have a few weekend projects up my sleeve for today and tomorrow... I will blog about them sometime next week.  The weather is going to be 70 degrees today so I am going to take advantage of this warm spell and do a little outdoor project!  In the mean time, here's a little video of Millie running around the Shore this week attempting to catch a few birds. She's cute but too slow. I love her determination though! I'm still working on taking video with my camera, so excuse the zooming in and out, and wobbliness.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

20 weeks old

The little miss is 20 weeks old!!!

I always intend to write this post on Wednesdays... but cut myself some slack now and again if I'm a day late and this is one of those weeks! At the last minute on Tuesday night we went to the shore to help my folks with some spring cleaning. We had a great time walking on the beach with baby and pup and imagining what summer will be like with a baby. Not hard to do since the weather was sunny and 65!

So she is 20 weeks old and this week she is much more mobil, she can turn herself over a little better stomach to back and back to stomach! She is also more aware of her hands which makes petting the dog fun (for her, not for the dog). She can turn herself around in a 360 while in her stand up circle thing. She can subsequently turn herself around while laying on her back on her mat. All of this activity is accompanied with a greater sense of awareness about everything, which makes feeding time a bit more tricky for me! She gets distracted easily and if I try to read BBC news on my phone, she wants to see what I'm doing... sigh...  but on the flip side we have successfully been out to dinner with her twice this week. She's an easy baby and since there is so much to see it doesn't take much to keep her occupied. This week I love checking in on her after her naps and seeing her welcoming big smile. In general she continues to follow along and seems to listen to our chattering.

I'm tempted to weigh her now that she is 5 months old. She's a BIG baby and I am so curious, especially since she weighed a whopping 17.14 at 16 weeks! I'll report back on that when it happens. There are always more tidbits I forget to share, but those are the ones that come to mind this week.

Links and Such

This Thursday's Links and Such turned out to be rather domestic...! Enjoy.

Above: Yarn bomb - a philly subway seat, I think it's a nice improvement!

my first quilt?
DECORATE: a new how to book full of inspiration, I've been told
Felt baby booties
lovely handspun yarn on Etsy
funky family portrait
a birthday party in a box AND make your own birthday candles
sparkle and spin- cute U.K. clothing for kiddos
baby moccasins 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Handmade Shout Out: Noteworthy Etsy Artists

This week's handmade shout out goes to some lovely artists who sell their prints on etsy. Check out their shops for even more inspiring artwork.

Above: Tree Print, by Judy Kaufmann

Right Whale, by unitedthread

Sea Coral in denim, by driftwoodinteriors

Good-bye, by elsita

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Living: Hope Beneath Our Feet, book review

This week's Green Living post is a partial book review of Hope Beneath Our Feet: Restoring Our Place in the Natural World. The book addresses the question: "In a time of environmental crisis, how can we live right now?" answered by a variety of authors, professors and such through short essays, commencement speeches, etc.  The husband bought me this book this past Christmas as a new Christmas tradition of giving a book to his wife and daughter each year. We've been reading the book aloud to each other and I'll admit we have not read very much, but we have read is very inspiring and uplifting.  For example, the essay "Love the Things We Love" by Larry Santoyo offers a positive perspective and approach to how we address environmental change.  Essentially he believes we should start from a basis of love rather than fear. If we are able to define what we love about nature ie: organically grown produce, listening to birds sing, then we can take tangible steps to preserve these things, bringing them into our lives more consistently.  And to piggy back on that idea- by addressing something that seems more tangible and small, it will have a ripple effect throughout the environment, since ecosystems are structured like a web, each piece touches and affects another.

So in closing, I recommend this book!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Etsy shop banner Makeover, a before and after



what do you think? which one do you prefer....?
I like the second one since it's more in keeping with the eclectic vibe of the items I sell.... See it in full glory HERE.


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