Wednesday, March 9, 2011

19 weeks old

The little miss is 19 weeks old. And here she is having a little tummy time at my folk's house on the quilt her Aunt Hannah made for her.  Classic baby forehead going on here. This week, like every other week, I feel like she grows an inch during her naps! I wake her up and she looks sooooo long! Her hair is growing back little by little (I swear!) and her teething faces are pretty funny. She really sucks in her bottom lip and moves her tongue around over her gums.  And I know this isn't news for many people, but baby drool is potent! boom- the tiniest amount and you are soaked and thoroughly chilled! 

My mom says she is becoming more "determined" and I agree. When I try to have her sit on my lap for burping she would rather stand and so she stiffens up her chunky legs and her whole body and has quite the little stance. When I was little my grandmother dumbed me "the little german baby" perhaps not p.c. but it's because I would stomp around, almost marching with my baby doll stroller and I was very "determined". Luckily the little miss also has her Dad's super chill and gentle demeanor, so hopefully this balance will continue, but she is getting spunky!! I love it.

And here she is with Millie dog in this swivel chair thing that my mom has.  A good example of how tall she has grown (I should measure her to make it official).  Each day she likes this chair more and more, but she is still not very interested in playing with all the toys. She mostly looks at them curiously waiting for them to do something. She has a pretty rockin schedule down. She wakes up around 8 am, eats and plays for 2 hours then takes a nap around 10-10:30 for about 2+ hours. Then she is up again for a few hours until a little cat nap for 45 mins in the early afternoon.  Sometimes she will take a short nap through dinner. Then she is awake from 7pm-ish until 10:30-11, which is a bit late, but I can't complain too much with all the naps that are happening through out the day! And then she sleeps through the night waking up for about 2-3 feedings during the night. Of course this schedule is just a blueprint that varies here and there depending on activity level and wacky growth spurts.

anywho, don't mean to bore or get too nitty gritty, just a little shout out to friends who are pregnant or have younger babies- a schedule is in your future!!

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