Wednesday, March 23, 2011

21 weeks old

The little miss is 21 weeks old.

We've gone on some fun adventures in the last week- to the shore and on a lovely walk at Winterthur. The above video is from the other night when the husband and I were getting her into some pjs and a disposable diaper for her night time sleep-fest.  She gets really punchy before bed, as most babies do... but it's really fun for us since she is soooo quiet through out the day!

This week she is really grabbing things a lot more. Like my nose as I carry her down the stairs! my hair, face, and neck as I lean in to sneak a kiss on those big cheeks. And the dog's lip, ears, scruff of the neck- you name it, if she can get her hands on that pup she is over the moon. Yes we have gotten to that stage. Thankfully Millie puts up with it for a few seconds here and there, but has yet to see the full benefits of this increased infatuation. Yes her face lights up when the dog comes in the room and then she follows her around with her eyes. It's going to be fun to see how their relationship develops.

The other night when I was reading her Good Night Moon, I was sitting in the bed with her propped up on my legs and I had the book facing her. She grabbed hold of the book by each side and when I would turn the page she would start to chirp away even before I read (by heart) the next line. And then she would help me turn the next page, too funny. 

fat toe, attached to a fat foot ; )

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Anonymous said...

That laughter is pretty darn cute. Especially the laughs that happen in anticipation of the next big raspberry :) - Katy


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