Thursday, March 17, 2011

20 weeks old

The little miss is 20 weeks old!!!

I always intend to write this post on Wednesdays... but cut myself some slack now and again if I'm a day late and this is one of those weeks! At the last minute on Tuesday night we went to the shore to help my folks with some spring cleaning. We had a great time walking on the beach with baby and pup and imagining what summer will be like with a baby. Not hard to do since the weather was sunny and 65!

So she is 20 weeks old and this week she is much more mobil, she can turn herself over a little better stomach to back and back to stomach! She is also more aware of her hands which makes petting the dog fun (for her, not for the dog). She can turn herself around in a 360 while in her stand up circle thing. She can subsequently turn herself around while laying on her back on her mat. All of this activity is accompanied with a greater sense of awareness about everything, which makes feeding time a bit more tricky for me! She gets distracted easily and if I try to read BBC news on my phone, she wants to see what I'm doing... sigh...  but on the flip side we have successfully been out to dinner with her twice this week. She's an easy baby and since there is so much to see it doesn't take much to keep her occupied. This week I love checking in on her after her naps and seeing her welcoming big smile. In general she continues to follow along and seems to listen to our chattering.

I'm tempted to weigh her now that she is 5 months old. She's a BIG baby and I am so curious, especially since she weighed a whopping 17.14 at 16 weeks! I'll report back on that when it happens. There are always more tidbits I forget to share, but those are the ones that come to mind this week.

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