Wednesday, March 2, 2011

18 Weeks Old

The little miss is 18 weeks old today.  A lot has gone down in the past week- we moved from Maine back to Delaware so the husband can eventually go back to school. It's been a mini journey so far, even for the little one! She has grown so much over this past week- not only in size, which seems to never hit a plateau, but also in her development. Being around more people than just boring old mom has been really good for her. Today we took a break from our major to-do list and went for a walk in the park where we were married- almost three years this June! It was a nice moment of perspective to look out on to the same view (only brown) with our daughter plus the dog ;) Teething is in full regalia so that's "fun". But she is handling it like a champ, a champ who freaks out at random moments! Yes motherhood is proving educational in so many ways.

Below is the song I mentioned in last week's 17 Weeks Old blog post. I made it up during burp time to help with the fussy and uncomfortableness that can accompany burping... there is also a song for diaper changes too (I'll spare you!). I read that singing to your baby helps with language development.  And in my newborn class the instructor suggested having a different song for each activity... it's comforting and helps establish a routine.  I end up singing to her all the time not only does she seem to like it, but it also helps with my sanity ;)  This week's new favorite- I love to laugh, from Mary Poppins. Anyway, the most important point here is we captured her smiling on video!

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