Wednesday, March 30, 2011

22 weeks old

The little miss is 22 weeks old.
Here she is taking her morning nap...

And here she is passed out at night on her play-mat. Such a little toddler moment...

This week offered many firsts. The first time she was in a stroller (we are crunchy baby carrying parents, and her grandmother- Pinnie, took her on a few walks in the stroller, she loves it and not surprisingly falls asleep in her mobile cocoon.) This week was the first time she heard Pinnie play the accordion! The look on the baby's face was priceless. The biggest news is that on Saturday we found her first tooth- bottom left and then the following day, upon more investigation, we found two more teeth, this time up top. Way to go little miss! We've also started to slowly introduce carrots and bananas. And she is getting better at understanding the concept of swallowing something other than breast milk.

This week she is smiling a lot more as well as more facial expressions. She's always been very expressive with her eyebrows, but now there are about 5 new expressions everyday. And they crack me up! She is also rolling over a lot more. Yesterday she rolled over in a flash to get closer to the dog, but her one arm still gets stuck underneath her, so Millie still has some time before the baby will be after her!

Above: the husbo is reading Momma Do you Love Me? to the little miss. It's such a cute book, given to us by her Grandmother in Alaska. My Alaskan husband helps me with the Native Alaskan pronunciation of some of the words! It's a darling book and a great gift!

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