Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Gratitude

I've been thinking a lot about Gratitude this weekend... and concluded that I would muse about it for my Monday Inspiration blog post. Stories of hope coming out of the wake of Japan's earthquake and tsunami have been inspiring and heart warming, a little bit of light from a natural disaster I can't even begin to fathom....  My roommate and best friend in college dutifully wrote in a gratitude journal every night before bed ... and giving gratitude is such a lovely way to end one's day...  I've been thinking about using gratitude at beginnings rather than endings (this seems like an appropriate way to think about Japan as it seeks its own new beginnings) so I thought I would start the week by writing my own list- as a positive way to approach my Monday and my week.

As a new mom, gratitude has taken on a new meaning for me, more specifically- it's the little things. This is not to say previous moments of gratitude weren't sprinkled with the little things... after all it's the little gratitude nuggets that often help to jog my memory, inspiring me to think about the bigger items on my list. Imagine the little engine that could- the little seemingly insignificant gratitudes help start my engine... anywho... back to my point of being a new mom. There are moments when taking care of a fussy baby that can be tiring and frankly frustrating, when all you want to do is stop breast feeding for longer than a 2 hour stretch, to go out for the day alone- to sit somewhere read a book, knit, actually catch up with friends, etc. And it's easy during those moments to morn your day's to do list... and so I'm becoming more aware of being grateful for the little things. So not to be too cliche, here goes:

*grateful for*

+Inspiring images from my favorite blogs and this month's LonnyMag (as seen above) that I can tuck away in my dream home folder for 5+ yrs from now ; )
+ completing two knit gifts over the last two weeks (I will share once they are given and received). 
+ Getting my Etsy shop up and running after our move, and subsequently selling stuff!
+ Listing a few items every other day on my etsy shop...
+ Resisting the temptation to cut my hair during bad hair days, as I wait for it to grow out a bit more (told you it's the little things!)
+ clean laundry
+ a shower that doesn't include rinsing out cloth diapers
+ having my family around to hold and play with the baby
+ watching the little miss learn how to pull down on the purple elephant on her play mat
+ de-cluttering 
+ being able to carve out moments to write my blog...
+ when the baby stirs, but then falls back asleep- giving me 10 more minutes
+ these 10 more minutes 
+ cuddle time with my first kid- our dog
+ clean sheets
+ blueberry pancakes
+ planning our summer vegetable garden
+ completing a small weekend project (will share later today or tomorrow)
+ thinking back on our 2 years in Portland Maine with fondness 

... my 10 extra minutes are up!

what are you grateful for as you start your week?

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