Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's been going on?

I thought I would throw in a little "personal" blog post here to share what's been going on! As some of you may know, last week we moved from Portland Maine to Wilmington Delaware. It was a process indeed! last time we moved (back in April 2010) I was 4 months pregnant and this time we had a four month old, sheesh.  But it all worked out very smoothly. We opted to move with ABF moving containers- as seen above- and it was the best decision. We were so organized that we were able to load them up in 1.5 days! (thanks to the muscle and dolly of our friend Steve!) I recommend moving this way- it allowed us to drive together and since our containers are in storage for a bit, we got a break and didn't have to unload them right away.

Our last Tuesday in Maine, the little miss waking up after doing some last minute errands around town.

The morning of our move. 
We camped out the night before and slept on the floor with our double sleeping bag and loads of blankets, it was quite comfy actually. Pup and baby slept in that day- allowing the husband and I to run around cleaning the apartment and shoving last minute things into the containers!  These two were awesome the whole week.

And when they did wake up, the play-mat proved crucial as always.

After repacking the car at our friend's house, we left portland Wed night at 9 pm.  It was a surreal moment to drive out of the city that has felt like home for the past two years. (still processing all this) The drive went smoothly, we stopped once for gas and to feed the baby and then managed to drive the rest of the journey without any stops - total drive completed in 8 hours. Pretty impressive with a 4 month old and a car weighed down with a ton of crap. You can look back on our time in Maine HERE

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