Wednesday, February 23, 2011

17 weeks old

"Cheeks" at 17 weeks.

She is 17 weeks old... and today is our moving day. I woke up at 3:30 am for a feeding and then was wide awake after she fell back asleep- hate that- so I laid there taking stock of all these last little moments... to prepare myself for our big drive tonight. It's a Wednesday and she was born in this very apartment on a Wednesday at 4:21 am, 17 weeks ago. Our home birth was pretty flawless and these last 4 months have felt like a continuation of our cocoon like home-birth environment... so moving and setting up a new nest will be bitter sweet...  forgive the rambling of this post since it is about 6 am!

It's funny to think about moving.... Cameron and I never had a proper honeymoon, it was more of a road trip that convinced us to move to Portland the following year. Thus our time here in Maine has felt like an extended holiday, yet a time for the two of us to come into our own as a married couple and now as new parents.   As a result we found our niche in Portland- through knitting groups, midwife potlucks, classes at Birth Roots, my brief involvement in the local art community pre-baby... and so forth. But I know that even though our new surroundings will be different, we will seek out those things we loved about Maine... (well as much as possible, no seagulls or local lobster... sigh- and all the fantastic bakeries and restaurants) 

BUT back to the little miss at 17 weeks. (I'll keep it brief)  It's really cute how she watches the dog play... she's fixated but often can't keep up following her around the room, there is a bit of a delay...  This week I made up yet another new song to sing to her. It's for burping - awesome I know- (eye roll) but it seems to help her with the discomfort and provides a nice distraction and an alternative to monotonously patting her on the back, since the song comes with special movements and stretches- mostly "leaning forward and leaning back"- and those are the lyrics! lol If I get over the anguish of hearing my voice, I'll post the video of it sometime soon. 

Stay tuned for Today's Handmade Shout Out!  Now I must dash.

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A Pearl In The Making said...

Ahh she is so cute. Love those cheeks.


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