Wednesday, February 16, 2011

16 weeks old

wow, it's been four months already that this little one has been in our lives and yet it's hard to remember a time without her! We've reached quite the milestone this week and the husband and I have been reflecting on these past months while looking ahead to try and picture the craziness of her being 6 months, then 9 months old (and so on) more milestones that are sure to creep up on us quickly! As for the 16th week stuff- more of the same from last week, just MORE of it... like major smiles when she seems to get our jokes and funny voices. She also smiles as a greeting and listens intently to us especially when we are on the phone. She loves her play-mat more and more each day and loves grabbing all the toys and inevitably bringing them up to her mouth. She rolled over three times in a row last week- during "tummy time" and she can roll on her side while on her back. We have big belly laughing fits at night before bed where we set each other off laughing. But then the laughing sessions inevitably lead to her hiccuping for a long time and then I feel like a jerk! ; ) We read books to her everyday, and she loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? and Mommy calls me monkeypants.

Where ever we go EVERYONE comments on her cheeks. They are very round, her profile is a majestic compilation of circles with a teeny nose peaking out. She is so long now and we love having her nap on our chests- for the cuddling but also for the perspective on how big she has become! And of course there are more of these cute wolf pup yawns!

*Little Miss is wearing a cute kimono fleece lined romper by Lucky Wang NYC and her hat is by San Diego Hat co. - all from Oranges and Lemons, in Greenville, DE.*

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