Wednesday, February 2, 2011

14 weeks old

She's 14 weeks old.

Here's the little miss hamming it up with her dad! It's funny how baby development unfolds gradually then all of a sudden over night- POOF- comes a whole new series of skills. This past week she seems more aware. She continues to study us. She laughs more- when it's appropriate of course, since there is still so much to be serious about. She can sit up more, or attempt to at least. Picture attempting your 100th crunch, or sit-up, the struggle and sometimes grunting, yup she can do that. She can also bring things to her mouth to chew on- only when very hungry. Her raspberry blowing is accompanied by a lot of drool which makes me want to attach one of those suction things like at the dentist to her chin to catch it all. She's pretty great and everyday I'm excited to hang out with this little human. Yes, even on the days when I am sort of done with it all and the husband takes over for a bit... I find myself watching and loving every moment. Call it hormonal, or what-have-you, but I'm pretty sure that it's part of becoming a mom. dam. 

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