Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green Living: The ecomagination challenge

This week's Green Living post is a shout out to GE's ecomagination challenge, an online site where you can submit your "green" ideas to help shape a new power grid for the 21st century. The site allows you to register and submit as many ideas as you like within the categories: Renewables, Grid Efficiency, and Eco homes/Eco Buildings.  Then, should your business plan be selected, you will have the opportunity to work with GE to develop your idea.  Learn more about the nitty gritty details HERE.

One idea (pictured above) is a City Speed Turbine that "converts a transit tunnel into a modular tunnel that gains wind power from speeding vehicles".  Love it.  I'm pretty much in favor of using infrastructures that are already in place to provide renewable energy. Like how all tall city buildings/ skyscrapers should have solar panels, collect rain water, and have urban farms (ie rooftop green spaces).  The farms would cut down on transporting produce to the city- saving energy and emissions while providing a natural air purification system.  Essentially, there are some habits that will be harder to break- and driving is one that is tied up in red tape ie- protecting the auto industry by having limited crap public transportation, etc.  Hence why our green technology has to meet us where we are now, and as a heavy car based US society- this turbine idea is awesome.

ANYWHO, enough from me!  Go check it out.

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