Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend Project: What to do with your clementine boxes

This is the time of year when Clementine boxes begin to really pile up, so I thought this weekend's project could focus around repurposing these boxes.  I personally use the boxes for organization. For example, I have one in my art cabinet that houses all of my glues.  In the past I have also painted them a nice neutral gray and robin's egg blue to use as a display for little knit goods at craft fairs. I've also read that people use them as gift baskets. This post offers some other clementine project ideas. Happy repurposing and feel free to share your own ideas and projects in the comments!

Above: container garden

Family Chic has a variety of Clementine box projects- like these chalkboard place cards.

and family chic also demonstrates how to turn the box into a bulb planter!

Like mother, like daughter offers a clementine shelf video tutorial

A homemade manger. I've also seen doll beds made from clementine boxes. And of course through my searching I found school art teachers asking for boxes for their class projects. So they provide a fun activity for children!

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Kerry Jaclyn said...

Hi. Just stumbled onto your blog because I also did a little piece on clementine boxes. Such a lovely blog. I have become a follower. :)Always nice to read up on fellow bloggers


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