Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Knitting Inspiration: Enchanted April

I watched Enchanted April again last night and I was struck by the lovely floral robes, beautiful jewelry, and long flowing knit tunics of the era.  This of course sent me on a bit of a search on etsy for jewelry and then to Ravelry for knitting patterns. As a result of my Ravelry search, I am now drooling over Susan Crawford's patterns! She has written two books, A stitch in time V.1 - knitting and crochet patterns from 1920-1949 and Volume 2.  Unfortunately I don't have the cash flow at the moment to purchase these books... ($40-$50 a pop) so in the meantime I shall share with you some of my favorite patterns from her books.

(I saw this one knit in a dark warm orange- brown and it looked really striking!)

simply beautiful and fun, I think I could call myself a bad-ass knitter if I was able to successfully knit this! ; )

This top would be the first thing I would knit...

A lovely staple.

The thing I find so appealing about these patterns are how they fit with the ideals I have about making my own clothes, and about knitting in general.  I want my wardrobe to be limited to classic essentials; pieces that will wear well over time. If they are handmade and made with real fibers and materials- this will aid in their longevity and overall quality.  PLUS when it comes to knitting- if I am going to spend so much time on a project, the yarn better be banging and the pattern lovely. Watch out piggy bank, we got some work ahead of us! ; )

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