Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I've Learned this week and It's only Tuesday...

(My weekly motherhood post)

* Language is like walking, once they start each day is a bigger improvement on what was learned the day before.

* That being said, it's like having a parrot she repeats everything we say so watch it!

* She will also just sit there and repeat a phrase over and over again practicing it. As a result I'm working on not ignoring her. Ignoring her would not only teach her that she isn't being heard, but it literally doesn't work! She will stop once you acknowledge her. She's not being stubborn just learning and I think she thinks you can't hear her if you are not responding! Plus since her language is still limited she might be saying so much with just one word... so it helps to take that word, or name, and talk about the dog with her. "Oh Millie!? Yes she is probably home sleeping, or she is running around outside barking! silly Millie! Shall we pet her when we get home?" One might feel and sound like an idiot, but it calms her down to try and carry on a conversation with me. Plus along the way it is teaching her new words, as she fanatically nods in agreement and repeats after me, "Yes, Millie sleeping, Millie barking, no barking Millie".

* And I forgot to mention last week, that I have this new thing where I figuratively award myself "Motherhood Merit Badges". It's a little pat on the back I give myself when I'm being extra calm and thrifty- for example when during naked kiddie pool time, as I watched my naked daughter standing alone in the garage begin to poo, I ran towards her with a bucket catching it in said bucket and was able to avoid a crappier situation. I stayed calm and told her that this was a lot like pooping on the potty, that she should try it next time! ; ) Boom, motherhood merit badge awarded- with a little embroidered poop in a bucket. 

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