Friday, June 29, 2012

Happenings at GrayDayStudio: Pet Lover's Bag and Future Sneak Peeks...

Hey all, just wanted to check in and share a little update and sneak peek at my etsy shop, GrayDayStudio!

This week I listed a custom pet silhouette canvas tote! It's a cute way to take your best friend with you no matter your destination! Or stay organized and use the bag for dog purposes only- as if it's solely your dog walking/dog park bag!

I'm also working on a series of dip dye bags that will have a little something screen printed on them! If all goes well, I will have them in the shop early next week! ; )

And my GrayDayStudio stamp arrived today! (sometimes certain things are worth outsourcing to someone else... with my limited time as a full time mom, I have to be practical, and this was just one of those things! Now about out sourcing child care ; ) ...? ) I'm very happy with the result of the stamp and now every bag, pillow, tag, etc will include my shop name!!!

Also- my summer bucket list goal to paint more landscapes, is coming along. And once I have a little solid group of 5 or so paintings, I will list them in the shop!  So there you have it! I'm slowly chipping away at my goals to be a full time artist... this isn't just a hobby or something to keep me busy (believe me our 20 month old has that covered!)... but my shop is my venue to share what I love to make with a wider community. I'm still fine tuning my vision and I hope one day when I have longer periods of time, to sit, reflect... and to then take brush to canvas once again... to paint, to collage, to build, to scratch...  I will offer a range of bigger things... not in size but in scope. I know this doesn't make sense, it barely does to me... I can't even leave a coherent voicemail at this point in my life ; ) let alone be specific about my process. I simply wanted to express my energy, my drive and desire behind what seems like a little corner...

So on that note, consider yourself slightly caught up with the Happenings at GrayDayStudio!

And have  a lovely weekend!


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