Monday, June 25, 2012

A Love Letter to Summer: Lake Michigan Inspired

Hi all, how was your weekend? Ours was lovely. We were able to go to the shore to hang out with our friend who is visiting from Denver. The weather really cooled off but the ocean was so throughly cooked from this past week that we were able to really enjoy it! I'll post pics either today or tomorrow!

Here is this week's Love Letter to Summer, inspired by the two summers I spent in Michigan. Growing up on the east coast I have this strong need to be near water... and I always felt a little landlocked during my years spent going to school in the midwest. But Michigan broke that for me... I love its fields, lakes full of rocks, rivers to explore, cherries to be consumed. Living near Lake Michigan feels like the Maine of the midwest. So here it is- my Lake Michigan Inspired Love Letter to Summer, enjoy!


Mrs Robinson said...

Yes!! You have captured it beautifly...I miss it so!

abigail said...

Thanks Dear! Makes me want to visit for sure!


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