Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List, An Update: 2 Paintings and Counting....

On Thursday I began working on my Summer Bucket List goal- to paint landscapes. The original idea was to paint outside with oils, but since it's been hot as HELL here this week, and time permitting and all that- I worked indoors and from images on my computer. Better than nothing! So here they are, my first two paintings... fun to bust out the watercolors again, their smell takes me back to being a sophomore in college, which makes me feel old-ish.
 ; )

Stay tuned for future updates on this topic, and have a great weekend!



Mrs Robinson said...

Really lovely! Will these be available in the shop??? If not can I commission one - perhaps a MI lake scene?

abigail said...

Hey Victoria!

they will be in my shop once I get about 5+ finished. I'll let you know! Good idea about some lake michigan ones... I was thinking about looking through old pics to work from and that would be the perfect subject matter!



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