Monday, June 4, 2012

First Weekend in June: 4th Anniversary, Strawberries, and Scarves...

On Saturday The husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. The theme this year was Fruit and Flowers, which we happily participated in! Above: The husband gave me peonies and my favorite Pom juice. I gave him Nigel Slater's Book Tender (it's pretty Awesome!). Although Slater's Orchard themed book, Ripe, would have been more appropriate for our theme (had I realized). The Husband already made a potato salad from his new book, and it was VERY tasty. Can't wait to try other recipes!

Late Saturday morning we went to Linvilla Orchard. Our first time there and it has everything, even pony rides. Saturday was their Strawberry festival, so naturally they had an enormous Strawberry cake.

Despite appearances, the toddler LOVED her first pony ride. She kept saying "PO-nee, PO-nee" all day... leaving the orchard, before nap, after nap, during dinner and for the rest of the weekend. Made a big impression on her. (here's my crappy attempt at photoshopping the pony guy out of the picture!)

Eating Strawberries on the way home, a big hit. And now I know how to get strawberry juice out of a white shirt! (Rinse in cold water, apply a mixture of- Baking Powder+WhiteVinegar, leave on for 15 mins, repeat- came right out!)

Laying out back with little dog Saturday afternoon.

Little Dog.

Sunday, the babe temporarily moved on from her necklace trend to scarves... 

And then proceeded to go to Whole Foods like this. We've determined that Toddlers are void of the bag-lady look, they can pull it off with the twist of a trendsetter.

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