Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sewing Project: Toddler Back Pack

After reading a post about tips on traveling with kids by OhHappyDay, where she suggested that your children carry their own back packs with their books and other kid-loot- I set out to find a quick little back pack sewing pattern! I was very excited when I came across Charity's toddler back pack, complete with free sewing pattern! It's a simple pattern with an easy design. The flap is free from a zipper or velcro but could be added if desired.

I also love this idea of a back pack, since recently our little toddler is very interested in carrying her own things around... it will be a nice subtle lesson about responsibility with a side of autonomy. And you don't need much fabric for this project. I'm envisioning a pillow ticking fabric for the flap with a dusty floral- for the bottom/main compartment. I'll share the results!

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