Thursday, June 21, 2012

What We're Reading: Children's books

Our Daughter goes through little phases with her books, where she loves a handful at a time, asking to read only her current favorites over and over and over again. Peekaboo books, pull and flap books, any and all interactive books have been a big success since about 16 months onward, which is great to know if you need to get a little something for a toddler in this age range.

Now that her language is taking off she asks me all the time "Whas dat!?" and so at 20 months picture books loaded with animals, fruit, etc are all the rage. It's funny how the books cycle through in keeping with their developmental milestones.

Today I chose just three of our current favorite books to share with you. I picked up My Circus, by Xavier Deneux at LongFellow books in Portland, Maine during our visit in April. The bookstore is lovely and their kids section in the back is always full of new-to-me books! My Circus is designed with simple illustrations depicted in a limited pallet. They are really fun and striking, while each page has a cut out that leads to the following page. It's a subtle interactive element that is beautifully designed. IE: the circular cut out of a balloon turns into the sun on a following page.  It's a small yet thick book, super sturdy and great to take in your bag to entertain a little one while out and about.

The next two books Vegetables and Fruit by Sara Anderson, are full of beautiful illustrations showcasing an individual vegetable or fruit per page. At first I thought these books might be too simple, but there is a cute little rhythm to them that leads to a little crescendo in the middle of the book and at the end. And I secretly love how our daughter already knows 90% of the fruits and vegetable from her experience with growing and eating them.

So there you have it, a few of our favorite board books of the moment! ; )

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