Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Organization Station- finding a system that fits your BRAIN!

Last Month's Issue of Real Simple magazine was all about organization- naturally!  And the magazine offered a quiz to help you determine what type of organization best fits your lifestyle and personality- ie left side, or right side of the brain....  My result was not surprising- I'm the type of person who likes it visible, where I can see it. Seriously if boxes are stacked on each other I am lazy enough to not lift them to get to the other contents... for example: my jewelry boxes! Hence this blog post. The Above picture- is the before shot of my hot mess of a dresser with all of my jewelry. Check out my older jewelry post where I made the board to hang my necklaces.

SO- after realizing more about my organizational mind set I concluded something with drawers would really fit my organization style.  I started looking on etsy for industrial drawers and I found a few good ones- here's one and another. Ultimately I put this search to my mom and her basement full of treasures and she found this old nuts and bolts storage chest of my father's from our barn's tack shop back in the day. I cleaned it out- washing each drawer in our dishwasher and then prepped it for my new jewelry display/storage.

The Final Result!!! I was able to get all of my jewelry into this vintage drawer case- giving me way more surface space on my dresser! I also eliminated some of the dishes and plates I had laying out displaying and holding jewelry.  IN addition I was able to include all of my head scarfs and headbands on top of the white cake stand in the left corner- a bit of a hot mess, but hey it's there and no longer homeless!  Of course this glory will be short lived- as this will ultimately be the baby's dresser and thus my jewelry will be moved to my new and much taller dresser- so the height might be interesting!  BUT until then- ie this weekend when the dresser arrives- I've been enjoying easier access to my jewelry. So far each day I have worn something new that I had forgotten about!  This new system is especially helpful as I've been given a lot of jewelry recently- from my mom and inherited from my grandmother.

Good luck with your own organization systems! Share tips in the comments if so inspired.  And PS- I have a few other organization posts on the horizon so stay tuned! PPS- I will be redoing my old jewelry boxes to sell in my grayday shop.


T-rexy said...

This is GREAT! I'm totally going to have to do this- really really clever. I can't wait to see your other organization posts!

abigail said...

Yeah its a life saver! I hope to post my other organization things this week- jsut have to finish up organizing to take accurate pictures! ; )


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