Monday, December 1, 2008

If you Display it - YOU will wear it!

In order to be more "green" we have to cut WAY back on our instinct to CONSUME- to buy anything and everything we like.  Hence its been fun to recycle old jewelry and to find fun ways to display my Jewelry so I will actually wear it!

I made a peg board- out of an old set of stretcher bars from a painting. There wasn't any canvas covering the stretchers so I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the opening and taped it to the back of the stretchers. Then I covered it with an old piece of fabric. I stapled the fabric on the back and then screwed in some screws by hand- to hang my necklaces on! And then I hung it on the back of the door with i-screws and nails.

For my earrings, pins and bracelets- I took my grandmother's old cake plate and one of her pretty dishes and set up a little display on the book shelf opposite the back door and next to my closet.

Since dusting off my jewelry and displaying it all this way- I have been wearing it more thus getting a new use out of something I already own and not needing to buy any new jewelry! 

Share your stories!

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