Sunday, November 16, 2008

Old unworn Jewelry- A Solution!

In the next few weeks I am going to post a few blogs about how to Reinvent YOUR OLD- UNWORN items!

I have a few pearls necklaces- that are too short for me to wear comfortably- so I decided to string them together with other unworn jewelry.

What I used:

3 pearl necklaces
1 small pearl bracelet
1 small Silver charm Bracelet- that belonged to my grandmother (or mother ?) with my grandfather, uncle and my mother's names on each charm
1 pendent with my grandfather's picture
1 Charm and necklace that belonged to my Grandmother from high school
1 silver flower charm

Some string, a Button, thread and a ribbon


This was pretty easy. You will need needle nose pliers- to make your life easier!

I just laid the necklaces out on my coffee table to figure out the most pleasing arrangement.   Once that was achieved I began attaching them together. In most cases I was able to use the hardware that already came with the jewelry. When I ran out of the clasps and rings I use some string and thread. This addition was not only a problem solver- but added another texture to the necklace besides metal and pearls.

Improvisation is your best friend with this project.
You will want to hold it up to your neck once all of the charms are on and you are almost "finished".  This will allow you to determine the length and if anything else needs to be rearranged.  I did this a few times until I was satisfied with the desired arrangement and ultimate "look".

THEN I tied the same yarn I used earlier -to one end of the necklace- looped it through a button and back through and knotted it off. Then on the other side I tied a ribbon to the existing clasp. I used a needle and thread to really attach it to the clasp. I ran the thread through the clasp itself and then just kept sewing until the ribbon was secure. I knotted the ribbon and made sure the loop was big enough for the button.

POOF New Necklace! 

Necklaces like this would and DO cost a lot of money! 
But if you have some old jewelry sticking around you can easily make something entirely New not to mention UNIQUE!

PLUS the way this was assembled- I could easily take it apart in the future if I want to wear the pieces separately or give a necklace as an heirloom etc.

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