Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our House.... is a very, very. very fine House....

Here are some pictures of the little house we are renting this year. Today we are having a little family tour of all of the houses everyone moved into this summer! there was a lot of moving going on! So I thought we should share some pictures of our house with those who couldn't be here!   THIS is our Dining area- looking into our kitchen with a print from an MFA grad student at Penn last year.

The other view of our family room- with the painting by my friend Justin.

. This is a detail shot of a display on a dresser in our family room/ area.
Our stairway decorated for Christmas!
The Dresser that belonged to my Grandmother's Cousin- "Cousin Betty"
Our family room with the blue dresser I got for FREE on craigslist! And the Anthro Chair I bought with money I made selling artwork- of course I waited until the chair was on sale! and our very first christmas tree!
Earlier this year- over the summer Cameron all sleepy-faced eating the pancakes he just made.

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Lizzie said...

your house is lovely :)


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