Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a Hat for Ben

While out in Portland this October for my Brother's wedding- I hung out with my friends Mia and Ben.  I took my green "swiss Miss" hat along with me- see previous post for pics- and while I was there one of Ben's friends asked if I could make him the Swiss Miss in Red.  I did and I also made a hat for Ben.

THIS is the hat for Ben. It only took me a few hours and according to Mia he wears it all the time! I look forward to posting pictures of my recipients in their hats at some point in the near future!

Ben's Hat was easy to make. I used a bulky green yarn (the same used in my green swiss miss) and cast on about 52 stitches onto a set of large 11s in the round. I then knit 2, prl 2 to create a small cable for the rim of the hat and then I just went crazy for the rest of the hat! It was very sporadic- purl a few rows, moss stitch a few, knit a few, repeat cable etc etc.  I decreased as I neared the top of the hat. BUT I never fully decreased- as you normally would- so the very top of the hat where the pom pom sits- is a little round box. (makes sense?) The COOL thing is when its not on your head it looks like a tiered cake!

Then I topped it off with a yellow pom-pom from the yarn I made Mia's hat with.

I sent Mia's hat yesterday and I will post the pictures of it with a -how to description- after she gets the hat later this week!

My mom already went out and bought me some yarn to make a Mia styled hat for her! I'm turning into a busy knitter!

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