Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Hat for Mia

            Mia picked out the yellow yarn- it looks like a halo!
                       This is another way you can wear it- just fold up the rim of the hat
                              Here it is from the side with the crazy pom-pom

                                      And the very back of the hat!


I saw a hat like this in a vogue knitting magazine and knew that I wanted to make something similar. As with all of my other hats and with most things- I abandoned a pattern and went solo.

I used a pair of 7 rounds and cast on 82 stitches, which sounds like a lot and I probably could have gotten away with 72- but 82 just worked! the needles were small for the bulky-ish yarn- hence 82 worked out with this wacky ratio.

I knit 2 prl 2 to make a cabled rim and then I went crazy like I did with Ben's hat (see earlier post). After the cable I purled a row and then I dropped stitch a row- dropping three stitches. I mostly did a moss stitch for the majority of the hat- this is where you knt 1 prl 1 for the 1st row then prl 1 knit 1 for the second- and then repeat- it makes a cool pattern, plus its dense and warm!

When the hat was about 2-3 tall I added on a ton of stitches! Since I was knitting it on a train up to NYC and I didn't have a lot of resources- I winged it. I knit 2 then I yarn over at the purl stitch- ie add on, and repeat the entire row. I think I ended up with 150 some stitches!

Then I just kept knitting and eventually I knit a cable that decreased as it went up towards the top of the hat. I knit 2, prl 2 for 3 rows then I knit 2 prl 1- decreasing the prl into the other... make sense?

I finished with another platform type shape as I did with Ben's and topped it off with a MASSIVE pom-pom of yellow, white, pink and a tiny bit of green.

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