Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reuniting and decorating with artwork...

My mother and sister drove up this weekend with more of my stuff!
They brought us another table (so now I have a larger work space in my studio) and a dresser for the baby to be, and this huge print I bought from a Penn grad student back in '07. I love it! As a printmaker I can totally appreciate the work that went into such a large etching. Inking it alone would be intense!  Also I love how the subject matter reminds me of a Beirut song, I can almost hear the inhabitants playing their instruments. (click on images to view them larger!)

Now the apartment is feeling more complete with this print in its place! On Sunday, after it was hung, I was finally able to arrange a little vignette on top of this cabinet. (again click image to view larger) I included two of my three taxidermy birds, a large glass jug that I bought at Terrain and filled with old wooden spools of colorful thread. I sprinkled in a few frames with favorite photographs, added a more "modern" element with the white glass hand, and included the paper diorama I made for the husband for our first anniversary. This little area is definitely one of my favorite spaces in our place. I love having fun keepsakes mixed with art books, knitting books, novels and photo albums. Note: a fun organization tip by my mother of course- is the folded fabric on 4 shelves. She folded them so nicely.... and they look great hanging out as I prepare to make them into pillows, etc for my etsy shop!

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