Monday, June 28, 2010

Bon Voyage Clutter- an organizing tip!

After my Jewelry organizing post- I have been hinting at future organization posts... and here's one of many to come! Many years ago I inherited a great collection of old vintage suitcases from my grandmother and other family members. Not only do they look awesome and fit with my decorating aesthetic, but they can be oh so functional in so many ways! I have a total of 5 suitcases and this stack of 3 act as a little coffee table between two seats in our living room as well as provide much needed storage!

If you are short on closet space or book shelves, might as well come up with a funky alternative that looks nice while being functional.

Here's a fun tip: I use paper luggage tags to label each suitcase with its contents.

And here are the suitcases in their setting- a stack of three as a side table between two chairs, and the other set tucked into our non functioning fireplace.

What are your organizing tips and tricks!?


Tresor cache 101 said...

Love this idea, and the little tags too....saw it through Design Sponge. Hope you don't mind if I add this idea on my blog. Barb

abigail said...

awesome! share your link with me when you get a chance!

yeah it's a fun idea. I inherit a lot of stuff from family and it's always neat-o to find a new use for something that could potentially be tucked away in a closet and instead incorporate it into my daily life.

jackie starker said...

I LOVE that striped suitcase! I've been on a wild goose chase for a perfect one and haven't had any luck. Would you be interested in selling it or do you have any suggestions on where I could find a similar one?

What brand is it?

abigail said...

I don't know of the brand of that specific suitcase, and for the time being I can't part with them, but I will let you know should I change my mind! IN the meantime ETSY and EBAY are always good for these kind of things, or look for local estate sales!!! happy hunting!


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