Saturday, June 19, 2010

Portland Maine Farmer's Market, a slice of heaven

Another lovely Saturday at our local Farmer's Market! I love that we have both a Saturday and a Wednesday farmer's market. (Saturday's is in Deering Oak's Park and Wednesday's is in monument square) I enjoy seeing all the farms and their handmade signs and beautiful produce. A big reason we moved here last spring was for the more "green" and "local" things Portland has to offer. And even with my stuffy nose I could smell the loads and loads of strawberries as we approached the market. The abundance of plants- flowering and vegetable, make me pine for our very own garden one day....

But for today we came home with strawberries and some golden beets. It's a hot one this weekend that really convinces me that summer is in fact here. I hope everyone has a great summery weekend!

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